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Abalakin, Victor Kuzmich
Director of the Main Astronomy Observatory (Pulkovo) of the Russian Academy of Science.

Abramov, Aleksey Anatolyevich
Chairman of the board of directors and General Director of "Gostiny Dvor".

Adaschik Nikolay Borisovich
Chairman of the public organization "Towards the New Millennium".

Agafonov Gennady Ionovich
General Director of Pigment Science and Technology Company (STC)

Ageevets, Vladimir Ulyanovich
Chancellor of the Lesgaft Physical Training Academy.

Aizenstadt Margarita Yakovlevna
Member of the Union of Russian Cultural Workers and the International Club of St. Petersburgers, acted as one of the founders of "St. Petersburg Institute", the organization which initiated the educational series "Evenings on Fontanka."

Aizenstadt Vladimir Borisovich
Member of the Union of Russian Cultural Workers, the Club of St. Petersburg Artists and the International Club of St. Petersburgers, one of the founders of the "St. Petersbug Institute" society and is the author and narrator of the series "Evenings on Fontanka."

Akhmadullina Alena

Akhmatov Aleksei Dmitrievich

Akhmatova Yelena Mikhailovna (pen-name: Zhabinkovskaya)

Akimov Eugeny Valerjevich
Tenor, soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Aladushkin Aleksandr Nikolayevich
Chairman of "Lenstroimaterialy" Investments and Financing Group's administrative board.

Alashkin, Pavel Alexandrovich

Aleksakhina, Anna Yakovleva
Stage and film actress.

Aleksandrov, Alexander Danilovich
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science.

Aleksandrov, Vadim Nikolayevich
General Director of Metrostroy, the St. Petersburg Metro Construction Society.

Aleksandrov Vladimir Leonidovich
General Director of Admiralty Dockyards ("Admiralteiskie Verfi") State Enterprise.

Aleksandrov, Yury Isaakovich
Art director of the State Chamber Musical Theatre "Saint Petersburg Opera", director-producer of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Aleksashin, Anatoly Danilovich
Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, director of the Economics and Industrial Technology Committee.

Alekseyev, Sergey Aleksandrovich
Director of the "AFB-II" company.

Alekseyev, Sergey Pavlovich
General Director of the Exhibition Joint-stock Company "LenExpo".

Alexy II
Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

Alferov, Zhores Ivanovich
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science. Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Science. Chairman of the Presidium of the St.Petersburg Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Science. Director of the Ioffe Physics and Technics Institute.

Almazov, Boris Alexandrovich
Head of the North-Western Regional Cossack Union. Emissary of the Komi Republic.

Altov Semion Teodorovich
Satirical writer.

Ananchenko Aleksei Yurievich
Architect, photographer, artist.

Ananov, Andrey Georgievich
President of the firm "Russian Jewellery art - Ananov". Chairman of the Russian Cultural Workers' Union.

Andriushkevich Alexandr Iosifovich
General Director of "Jewelland", a jewelry firm.

Anikhanov, Andrey Anatolyevich
The Chief Conductor of Musorgsky Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Annenkov Anatoly Sergeevich

Antesov, Ziyaddin Gasan-Ogly
General Director of Arfa ("Harp") Inc. (the former Lunacharsky Factory)

Antonov Vladimir Stepanovich
The member of the government, the head of the Central borough.

Antsev Georgi Vladimirovich
General Director, Chief Constructor of AOOT "Radar MMS" Research and Production Enterprise.

Arakcheev, Boris Serafimovich
Director of the State Museum of the History of St.Petersburg.

Aranovskaya Alla
First violin, St. Petersburg String Quartet.

Arkhipov Aleksei Andreyevich

Aronov Alexander Mikhailovich
Chairman of the Board, First Deputy General Director, LOMO PLC.

Arro, Vladimir Konstantinovich
Writer, playwrighter.

Arshakuni, Zaven Petrosovich

Artsyshevsky Ivan Sergeevich
Head of the State Protocol Department, External Affairs Committee, Administration of St. Petersburg.

Arutyunyan Ruben Ervandovich
Director General, JSC Metrobor.

Asadulin, Albert Narullovich
Singer (tenor), folk-and pop-music singer.

Astafieva Galina
Photographic artist.

Asylmuratova, Altynai Abdurakhimovna
Solo ballet-dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Azarov Nikolai Nikolayevich
President and General Director of JSC First Confectionery Complex "Azart".

Azizjan Marina Tsolakovna
Theatre and cinema designer.

Badmaeva Elena
Fashion designer.

Balabanov, Alexej Oktyabrinovichch
Film director.

Baluev, Sergey Germanovich
Chief Editor of the "Smena" newspaper.

Bam Viktor Grigorievich
General Director of JSC "Spetsstroy", Accomplished Construction Worker of the Russian Federation.

Basilashvili, Oleg Valerianovich
Actor at the Tovstonogov Academic Drama Theatre.

Baskin, Ilya Mikhailovich
Chairman of the board of directors of the joint-stock company "Garant", of the joint-stock company "Ust-Ulug Company", Chairman of the board of directors and Chairman of the board of the joint-stock company "Technokhim", President of the consortium "Europe-America 500" and Councilor of the directors of the joint-stock company "The Trading House "Frunzensky".

Baskin Mikhail Izrailevich
Chairman of the St. Petersburg section of Union of the Concert Performers of Russia.

Batalov Anrej Evgenievich
The soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Batozhok Natalya Igorevna
Head of the Committee of Preparation and Implementation of the Tricentennial Celebration Of Saint-Petersburg.

Baturina Tatiana Petrovna

Bazanov Anatoly Grigorievich
General Director of "Russian Applied Chemistry Research Center" federal state unitary enterprise, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor.

Bazhanov Sergej Viktorovich
The President of the International Bank of Saint Petersburg.

Begijanov Vyacheslav Eduardovich

Beglov Alexander Dmitrievich
The vice-governor of St. Petersburg - the chancellery chief of the St. Petersburg Administration.

Bekhtereva Natalya Petrovna
Research Manager, the Institute of Human Brain; Head of a research group of thinking, creativity and conscious neurophysiology; Doctor of medical sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Belonogov Andrey Nikolayevich
Chief of the Baltic Customs-house.

Belova Marina Albertovna
Director General, Elix Co.

Belsky, Igor Dmitrievich
Artistic Administrator of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.

Belykh Andrei Akatovich
Chief of JSC "Alpha Bank" St. Petersburg branch's Customer Service Department.

Beljakov Aleksander Semenovich
Chairman of the Natural Resources and Nature Management Committee, the State Duma, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Berezhnaja Helena

Bezrukikh Sergei Borisovich
Deputy Manager of JSC "Alpha Bank"'s St. Petersburg branch.

Bezzubenkov, Gennady Ivanovich
Solo opera-soloist of Mariinsky Theatre (bass).

Bibergan Vadim

Birulya Irina Mikhaylovna
Theatre artist

Blank Vladimir Viktorovich
The member of the government, the head of the Committee for the economic development, industry policy and trade of Saint-Petersburg.

Blinkov Andrey Sergeevich
General director of "Impulse" Construction Company.

Bobrov Alexander Vitaljevich
The head of the committee for energy resources and engineer maintenance.

Bobrov, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Trainer. Honourary Citizen of St.Petersburg.

Bobryshev, Valentin Sergeevich
Commander of the Leningrad Military District Troops.

Bodrunov, Sergey Dmitrievich
President of the joint - stock company " Pirometr ", the general director of the public company " United aviation instruments building consortium ", the president of the National Association of aviation instruments builders.

Bogacheva, Irina Petrovna
Solo opera-soloist of Mariinsky Theatre (mezzo-soprano).

Bogdanov Yury Petrovich

Bokovnya, Viktor Ivanovich
Artist, illustrator.

Bolloev, Taimuraz Kazbekovich
General Director of the OAO "BALTIKA Brewing Company".

Borodina Olga
Soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, mezzo-soprano.

Bortko, Vladimir Vladimirovich
The scriptwriter, actor, producer.

Bril Beniamin Vladimirovich
Attorney of the St. Petersburg City Bar.

Brodsky Mikhail Naumovich
The representative of Saint-Petersburg Administration in the Legislative Assembly.

Bubelnikov Pavel
The main conductor of "Zazerkalye" State Musical Theatre.

Budaragin, Vladimir Pavlovich
Head of archives at the Russian Literature Institute "Pushkin House".

Busaryeva Marina Yuryevna

Bykovitsky Dmitry Mikhailovich
Author and performer.

Chalova Zoya Vasiljevna
Director, the Central City Public Library named after V.V. Mayakovsky.

Chamalidy Ianis

Chapkis David Toyvovitch
Literary man.

Charkin, Albert Serafimovich
Artist-sculptor. Chairman of the board of the St.Petersburg Artist's Union.

Chavchanidze, Evgeni Kirillovich
General Director of the AOOT "I.I. Polzunov Association for Scientific Research, Planning and Production of Fuel and Energy Industry-related Equipment."

Chebotarev, Ivan Anatolievich
General director of the "Bavaria" beer brewery plant.

Cherkasov Dmitry

Cherkesov Viktor Vasilievich
Head of the State Committee on the Control of illegal turnover of the drugs and psychotropic substances.

Cherkesova (Chaplina) Nataliya Sergeevna
Chief Editor of the "Chas Pik" daily newspaper, General Director of the "Publishing House "Chas Pik".

Chernenko Andrey Grigirievich
Vice-governor in charge of law and order.

Chernov Evgeny Dmitrievich
Retired vice-admiral. Hero of the USSR.

Cheskidova Olga Aleksandrovna

Cheskidova Olga Yuryevna

Chikirov, Alexander Sergeevich
General director, JSC "Sovmortrans - Saint-Petersburg".

Chilingarov Artur Nikolaevitch
Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, President of the Polar Explorers Association, Hero of the Soviet Union, laureate of the USSR State Award.

Chistoserdov, Alexander Vadimovich
President of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Chubais, Anatoly Borisovich
RAO UESR Chief Executive Officer.

Chudinova Nina Anatolievna
Poet, member of Russia's Writers' Association.

Chulaki, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Writer, Publicist.

Danilov Viktor

Dazuk Alexander Makarovich
The head of the transport committee.

Derbin Vladimir Georgievich
Vice-governor of St. Petersburg. Chairman of the Committee for Labour and Social Assistance.

Desyatnikov Leonid Arkadyevich

Dimitrin, Yuri Georgievich

Dityatkovsky Grigory Isaakovich
Film director.

Djagilev Sergey Pavlovich
Russian art and theatrical worker, impresario, organiser of Russian Seasons and the troupe Russian Ballet of Djagilev in Paris.

Dmitriev, Alexander Sergeyevich
Chief Conductor of St.-Petersburg Shestakovich Academic Philharmonic Society's Academic Symphony Orchestra.

Dmitrieva Oksana Genrichovna
Deputy Chairwoman, the State Duma Committee of Budget and Taxes.

Dmitriev, Igor Borisovich
Actor at the Akimov Academic Comedy Theatre.

Dodin, Lev Abramovich
The Artistic Administrator of the Academic Maly Drama Theatre.

Dolsky Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Poet, composer, musician, performing author.

Dotsenko Vitaly Dmitrievich
Well-known naval historian and book collector, Candidate of Historical Studies (1985), Professor (1994), first rank captain (1989).

Dragan Vasiliy Mikhailovich
General Director of JSC "Sparkling Wines".

Drapeko, Elena Grigoryevna
Vice-President of the Russian Film Actors Guild.

Dreiden (Dontsov) Sergei Simonovich
Theatre and Film actor.

Drukh Igor Eduardovich

Druzhininsky Georgy Anatoljevich
Director General of JSC Department-20 Metrostroy.

Dubov Konstantin Sergeevich
General Director of the State Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg".

Dubravin, Yakov Isaakovich
Honored cultural worker, composer, Professor of St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts.

Dudinskaia Natalia Mikhailovna
Solo ballet-dancer.

Dvorkin Gilil Moiseevich
General Director of JSC "Trust-36".

Dzhikovich, Vladimir Viliykovich
President of the Association of St.Petersburg Commercial banks.

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