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Aizenstadt Vladimir Borisovich

   Born on November 26, 1935. Graduated from Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Building Technology with a specialization in heating and ventilation systems. Throughout his career has been holding managerial and planning positions in scientific research laboratories and had numerous publications in areas of environmental protection and preservation. In addition he is the author of many articles on St. Petersburg's cultural life and history. In the present time V. B. Aizenstadt is an acting member of the Union of Russian Cultural Workers, the Club of St. Petersburg Artists and the International Club of St. Petersburgers. He is also one of the founders of the "St. Petersbug Institute" society and is the author and narrator of the series "Evenings on Fontanka." As an artist, V. B. Aizenstadt has had three personal exhibitions and participated in over ten group shows. His last personal exhibit, which took place in November of 1998 in the Rumyanzev Pavilion of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, was entitled "This is a wonderful life - just take a look..." This name comes from a well-known pop song, and serves not only as a theme of a single exhibition; it is the artist's credo which he has carried throughout his life. This optimistic spirit is the essence of his creative force. The city itself is the major inspiration for his art. As a native Petersburger the artist adores and admires his home city and attempts to share the city's rich heritage with the spectators, unveiling before them all hidden corners and secrets of St. Petersburg. During the last few years the artist has been occupied with the rebirth of the postal design tradition and has been creating layouts for postal paper and envelopes dedicated to St. Petersburg's upcoming anniversary.

   Vladimir Aizenstadt's photo album

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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