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Dmitriev Alexander Sergeyevich

Chief Conductor of St.-Petersburg Shestakovich Academic Philharmonic Society's Academic Symphony Orchestra.
    Born January 19, 1935 in Leningrad.
    Graduated from the Choir School with outstanding distinction (1953).
    Graduated in Choir Conducting from the Leningrad Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory having trained under Kudryavtseva E.P. and in Theory of Music under Tulin U.N., and finished his post-graduate studies in symphonic conducting under the supervision of Rabinovich N.S.(1961).
    In 1960 was taken on as a conductor of the Karelian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, and later became this orchestra's Chief Conductor.
    Trained at the Viennese Academy of Music and Recital Art (1969- 1970).
    From 1971 was the Chief Conductor of the Maly Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
    From 1977- the Chief Conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Philharmonic Society.
    One of the leading Russian conductors he undertakes an intensive concert activity in Russia and abroad: in Western Europe, the USA' South America, in Asia.
    The conductor's repertoire includes the works of the masters of Russian classics and of foreign composers as well as modern compositions.
    Professor of Conservatory.
    National Actor of Russia (1976). Honourary Worker of Arts of Kareliya (1967). Winner of the second All-Union Contest of Conductors (1966).

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