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Agafonov Gennady Ionovich

   General Director of Pigment Science and Technology Company (STC), member of the Russian and several international Academies of Sciences, member of Russia's Chemists Association's and St. Petersburg Business Association's Presidiums.
   Born December 13, 1938. Graduated from the Yaroslavl Technology Institute in 1962. Began his work at the Chelyabinsk Paint Factory. Worked at administrative positions at the Cherkessk Chemical Factory and Lida Paint Factory. Since 1979 he has been General Director of the Pigment company, one of the largest producers of paints and polishes in Russia.
   Under Mr. Agafonov's direct leadership, new technologies were developed and large industrial complexes for the production of epoxy cements and ecologically pure polishing products were created. He has introduced new and unique materials, such as self-polishing, dirt-, ice- and corrosion-resistant surface finishes for the protection of ship bodies, oil platforms and mine equipment. Complex systems of protective oil-resistant covering were developed for the oil and gas industry, as well as a number of technologies for the effective use of artificial raw materials by the paint industry.
   For his work in the advancement of environmentally safe paints and polishes he twice became a laureate of the U.S.S.R. Ministry Council Award.
   G.I. Agafonov is President of the International Association of paint and polish producers and consumers, which unites more than 50 enterprises and research centres of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Moldova and the Baltic states. As General Director of Pigment STC he has for many years been a leader and initiator of inventions. More than 70 of those in the area of paint and polish technologies have been patented. Two fundamental scientific discoveries have been registered in the U.S.S.R. State Register.
   Gennady Ionovich has been awarded the Medal "For Service to the Country" of the second degree, an honorary badge of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "For Accomplishments", a golden Peter the Great medal "for achievements in the revival of science and the economy". He is an honorary professor of the European University.
   Pigment is one of the oldest and largest chemical firms in Russia, founded in 1939. It carries out research, engineers chemical production processes, deals with the production and sales of paints and polishes, resins, small-scale chemical production, provides accessories and services.
   Seven plants are a part of Pigment STC, among those the largest epoxy (20,000 tons yearly) and powder paint (14,000 tons yearly) producers in Europe. The firm provides a major portion of the country's water purification technologies. Its total output is over 200,000 tons yearly.
   Today Pigment STC is a wide-profile enterprise, outputting more than 1,500 product models. Among those are paints and polishes for all industrial and household purposes, epoxies, alkide, polyether and polyamide resins, polyvynilacetate sprays, solidifiers, plastifiers, drinking and drainage water purification agents, and more.
   The firm's 1998 income has totalled $60 million. Its share in the country's paint and polish production is 6%.
   Pigment STC is Russia's leading centre for the production of corrosion- resistant polishes for gas pipelines and oil reservoirs, of the full spectre of paint and polish materials for vessel construction and repair, of a wide assortment of construction paints and special purpose paints and polishes.
   The firm's scientific and technological potential allows it to renew its products' selection, to develop and introduce new pigments, paints and polishes, to work out new technologies of polymeric resin and pigment production.

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