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Dreiden (Dontsov) Sergei Simonovich

   Born September 14, 1941. Graduated from Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema in 1962. Worked in Arkady Raikin's Miniature Theater, in "Contemporary" ("Sovremennik") Theater, in Leningrad Television's "Horizon" youth editorial team.
   In 1970-1980 Sergei Dreiden has played in Leningrad Comedy Theater. His roles included Vidoplyasov ("Stepanchikovo Village" by F. Dostoyevsky, 1970) and Gusyatnikov ("This Dear Old House" by A. Arbuzov). In 1985-1986 he has worked in Omsk Drama Theater. In 1986 he played in "The Silent Scene" by N. Gogol. In 1989, together with A. Sokolova, he organized the Playwright's and Actor's Workshop. In the 1990's he played in "PretendedSickness" (1995), in the improvised play "How Everything Changes" (1995), in "Marble" by J. Brodsky (1996, White Theater, St. Petersburg), in "Father" by A. Strindberg (1998) and in "Forest" by A. Ostrovsky (1999) in Major Drama Theater. One of his last roles was of Shmuel Sprol in "Lost in the Stars" (2000, Theater on Liteiny).
   Sergei Dreiden has also played in the following films: "About Love" (1970), "Air Navigator" (1975), "Fountain" (1988), "Dangerous Man" (1988), "Friend of War" (1993), "A Window to Paris" (1993), and others.
   Laureate of "Golden Mask" award for his role of Adolf in the play "Father", Major Drama Theater, 2000.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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