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Viktor Danilov

   Born in Leningrad in 1946.
   Graduated from the V.I. Mukhina Higher School of Art and Industry (Department of Interior Design) in 1969.
   Member of Russia's Artists' Association since 1988.
   Lives and works in St. Petersburg.
   His works are exhibited at: the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Fine Arts Museum of Tyumen; Norton Dodge's Modern Art Museum (Alexandria, U.S.A.); in private collections of Russia, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and of the U.S.
   V. Danilov participated in local and international exhibitions since 1977.
   Personal exhibitions: "Manege" Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, 1999; Friederikshaven, Denmark, 1999; "8 + 8", Shuvalovo, 1985.
   Viktor Danilov is a "native" of the Ozerki-Shuvalovo group, well known by today, and an artist with a natural and unique outlook on the world, full of depth, humor and irony. Danilov expresses himself with ultimate clarity in various genres. Working on a wide range of subject matters, he is equally proficient in various means of their expression, such as painting, graphic arts, sculpture, object art and installations.
   Impressions, facts of life and scenes seen by the artist are synthesized in his art into bright plastic images. Danilov allows himself to fantasize and he does it boldly, with ease and fascination. His images are modern and natural in their unexpectedness. His concept of modernity is rooted in sharpness of perception rather than in the depiction of external manifestations of time. The author's feelings need a modern artistic embodiment, they require modern means of artistic expression. This provides for the relocation of the usual accents, for mobility and sometimes for boldness of artistic language, for energetic composition and organization of space. His sensitivity to texture of the material helps him express his feelings more deeply, make them convincing and sharpen the emotional state of the image he has found.

   Viktor Danilov's photo album

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