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Birulya Irina Mikhaylovna

   Born in 1944, in Leningrad.
   In 1968 graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography. Designed scenery for more than a hundred performances, both in Russia and abroad.
   Since 1971 - member of the Union of Russian Artists; since 1972 - member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA).
   In 1997 - Grand Prix of the competition and exhibition "A Window to the Netherlands".
   Main personal exhibitions:

  • 1990 Finland. "The Blue Hall"
  • 1991 Indonesia. The first Soviet-Indonesian Art Exhibition
  • 1991 Italy. "Padova Fiere"
  • 1992 Indonesia. "Taman mini"
  • 1995 Denmark. Ertebaelgen Gallery
  • 1996 Cyprus. Days of Russian Culture on Cyprus
  • 1997 Russia, Moscow. The institute of Art
  • 1999 Russia, St. Petersburg. Palitra Gallery
  • 2000 USA, Boston. The Centre of European Design

   Her works are stored in the following collections:

  • Russia, St. Petersburg: the State Russian Museum; the State Theatrical Museum named after Ostrovsky, etc.
  • Russia, Moscow: the State Theatrical Museum named after Bakhrushin; the Parliament Centre.
  • Indonesia, Jakarta: the National Gallery.
  • Belgium: Europarliament.
  • Netherlands: the collection of Prince Oransky; Gallery of L. Zakirowa.
  • Cyprus: the Municipal Centre.
  • South Korea: Jean Art Gallery.
  • USA, Pennsylvania: Buccknell University; The Reading Public Museum; New York: Museum of Contemporary Russian Art.
  • Armenia: Gougark.
  • Sweden. Terseus Gallery.
  • Denmark: Ertebaekgen Gallery.
  • Private collections in Japan, USA, Germany, etc.

   Photo Album of Birulya Irina Mikhaylovna

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