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Cherkasov Dmitry

   Writer, publicist, translator, playwright, analog simulation and science of science specialist.
   Dmitry Cherkasov is a pen-name. He sometimes uses pen-name Dmitry Serebriakov. The author doesn't reveal his real name according to the constitutional norm of private life secrecy. D. Cherkasov never gives his photos and interviews to TV channels as well.
   He was born in 1965 in Leningrad, finished school here and then studied linguistics, law and theoretical physics. Knows several foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and others.
   He served in the army in special military unit.
   So far 15 books of various subjects by D. Cherkasov have been published: from comments to the Criminal and Procedural Code (CPC) of Russian Federation to thriller novels and translations of Japanese Samurai poetry.
   He is an energetic journalist, working on "Noviy Peterburg" newspaper, "Vne zakona" magazine, "FreeLance Bureau" federal investigations net agency and some other editions. Cherkasov's articles are quite often reprinted in Russian and foreign press.
   Cherkasov's books often take first place in sales rating. According to OLMA-Press and Neva publishers aggregate editions of his book were more than one million copies by 2001.
   D. Cherkasov wrote several scripts for comedy TV series, negotiations upon launching them are being carried out.
   Now Cherkasov together with A. Bushkov is working over a trilogy Analyst, Osobist and Impact Agent, that narrates of Russian FSB agents.

   D. Serebriakov. Peculiarities of National Investigation - 1
   D. Serebriakov. Peculiarities of National Investigation - 2
   D. Serebriakov. Peculiarities of National Court - 1
   These are comments to Russian CPC, written in an easy language with humour and according to readers they are the best and most useful practical law advice ever published in our country.
   Comments to the Criminal Code of Russia " Peculiarities of National Law" and Comments to Russian CPC sequel written by D. Cherkasov (Serebriakov) haven't been published yet.
   D. Cherkasov. Night over Serbia.
   D. Cherkasov. Balkan Tiger.
   D. Cherkasov. Field of Kosovo. Balkan Mountains.
   D. Cherkasov. Field of Kosovo. Russia.
   D. Cherkasov. The Last President Soldier.
   D. Cherkasov. Byelorussian Alarm.
   D. Cherkasov. With Cross and Sword. Intrusion.
   D. Cherkasov. With Cross and Sword. Attack.
   These are the bestsellers about Russian biologist Vladislav Rokotov's military adventures. Many times republished in Russia's Soldiers, Winners March, Survival Ordered, Russian Project series. Aggregate edition of these books is almost one million copies.
   D. Serebriakov. Haiku. Translated Japanese poetry.
   According to the specialists, Japanese tercets graphic translations by D. Serebriakov (Cherkasov) are a pattern of how haiku should be translated. And author's detailed comments let anyone, even those who are ignorant of Oriental poetry, conceive the Japanese verse beauty in full.
   D. Serebriakov. Emir Haim. Rubai.
   A new approach both to Omar Hayam's personality and to his quatrains translation. According to D. Serebriakov (Cherkasov), the poet lived in XVIth century in the Khazar Kaganat, was an important Russian military leader and practiced Judaism. Translations were done after the manuscript from a private collection.
   D. Cherkasov. Chanson for the Lads.
   D. Cherkasov. Cancan for the Lads.
   Bestsellers, published in the Russian Hood series, and called alternative criminal novels, where Russian criminals are portrayed not as malicious racketeers, but as nice and kind fellows.

   Coming soon
   D. Cherkasov. The Universe Structure and Laws. Methodology.
   A fundamental study of theoretical physics, biology, information science. Problems of religious and scientific perception are considered here. Limited edition. Expected to be released in October-November 2001.

   Near-Term Outlooks
   D. Cherkasov. Desert Dogs.
   D. Cherkasov. A Guy from Baghdad.
   D. Cherkasov. Antipiranha.
   D. Cherkasov. Macedonian Unbalance. The Rebels.
   D. Cherkasov. Macedonian Unbalance. The Chasteners.
   D. Cherkasov. Thugs.
   Sequel of the new Russian superhero Vladislav Rokotov's adventures.
   D. Cherkasov. Raglan for the Lads - the Russian Hood series.
   D. Cherkasov. The Double - thriller.
   D. Cherkasov. Antigarbage - detective novel.
   D. Cherkasov. Despondent Town - a pamphlet story.
   D. Cherkasov. The Staff-Captain.
   D. Cherkasov. The Amur Sotnia.
   D. Cherkasov. The Plastuns.
   Military historical novels.
   A.Vorobiyev, D. Cherkasov. The Mayor. - detective political thriller.
   A.Vorobiyev, D. Cherkasov. Sector B. - a novel of FSB "Vimpel" subdivision soldiers.

   Covers of Dmitry Cherkasov's books

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