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Mikhail Izrailevich Baskin

The name of Mikhail Izrailevich Baskin is widely known to Russian art and culture performers. In the field of Russian art he has been working for already 45 years. At start - in the institutes of cinema industry - he later grew to director of the "Molodezhnyi" cinema center of St. Petersburg; this house at that time was awarded the title of "The best Cinema House of the Russian Federation" and while at his work there M. I. Baskin was awarded the prize "In Excellence from the USSR cinema industry".

From 1966 till 1985 M. I. Baskin was elected responsible secretary of Leningrad section of the Russian Federation Union of Composers. From 1978 till 1983 he was at the same time Chairman of Leningrad section of "Soviet Composer" editing house. At that time he becomes the one among initiators and organizers of "Leningrad Musical Spring" festival, of "Sayanskiye Flames" of the Krasnodar region, of "All Russia Week of Music for Children and Youth" and many others.

In 1985 he gets job in Moscow, where till 1988 he was Chairman of the Center for Music Information and for Propaganda of the Soviet Music, of the Russian Federation Union of Composers.

In 1989 M. I. Baskin entered the group that initiated the set up of Union of the Concert Performers of Leningrad and in 1990 he entered founders board of Union of the Concert Performers of Russia where, in January of 1991, at the constitutive congress he was elected secretary-coordinator. He directs his activities at the perfection of organizational and creativity work, at development of international links, at the set-up of technical and materials' base of the union.

In 2000 M. I. Baskin was elected chairman of the St. Petersburg section of Union of the Concert Performers of Russia.

M. I. Baskin is candidate of pedagogical sciences, a professor. Now he has been working for large international project - "Live force of music" - performance. The project is devoted to the forthcoming St. Petersburg Tercentenary celebration.

In 2000, for his fruitful activities, M. I. Baskin was awarded "Esteem Order". He was also awarded three medals and a token of "Citizen of the Besieged Leningrad". He has son.

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