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Berezhnaja Helena

Figure-skater. Helena was born on the 20th of 1977 in Nevinnomissk, small town in Stavropolsky region. Now she is a very famous personality in her native town, almost every citizen of Nevinnomissk knows her. Helena has recently opened a cafe "Axel" in her native town, which is now a great success.

She went into sport in 1980. Now she dances in pair with Anton Sikharulidze. Her previous partners are Anton Ruchkin and Oleg Shlachov.

Since 1996 Helena is a student of Saint-Petersburg College of Olympic reserve.

Helena Berezhnaja is an interesting personality. Although professional sport takes most of her time she is fond of painting, she has took part in designing the interior of her cafe and has painted the portrait of her coach - Tamara Moskvina. She is also interested in ballet, music and cars.

She is also a very strong person. She was seriously injured by her partner during the training session? But she managed to overcome this pain and fear and to recover. Her performance in Olympic games competition has shown that this figure-skater has a great sport talent.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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