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Almazov Boris Alexandrovich

   Head of the North-Western Regional Cossack Union. Emissary of the Komi Republic. He was born on August 5, 1944 in a family with distinguished cossack roots, a family mentioned in historical chronicles since 1632. In 1932 the family, fleeing famine and repressions, finds refuge in Leningrad. The father of the family has been persecuted as a son and grandson of cossack leaders, the mother - as a daughter of a priest. The whole family has fought in the World War II, all of the men were killed. The father had died from the wounds received clearing Kenigsberg of landmines. The mother returned as a lieutenant of medical services with six medals and completely handicapped. However, even such bravery did not free the family from the burden of repression and marginalization. While still a teenager Almazov finds employment in order to support his family. In 1968 he graduates from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography with a major in theater criticism. While studying, Almazov works as a carpenter, a masseur at a children's hospital, a laborer in a geological expedition to the Far North, a newspaper employee. Upon graduation, as there was not much demand for his profession, he begins teach art history in high school, participating in a country-wide educational experiment. During twenty years of teaching Almazov develops a methodology of educating high school students in the areas of theory and history of arts. He became one of the country's leading specialists in this field. Having published a number of articles Almazov has become a member of the Russian Pedagogical Society. Almazov has declined offers of participation in scientific research, justifying his decision with a lack of formal pedagogical education. He has worked quite a bit in the press, and has been accepted, as an exception, to the USSR Journaists' Union. For the last ten years has authored and narrated two cyclic television programs. In 1978 Almazov has published his first book for children, "The Most Beautiful Horse", which has brought him fame. It has been translated into 18 languages and also made into a film. Aside from this film, Almazov has written screenplays for several popular scientific films and two plays. In the 1960s he authored and performed songs, and in his lectures-concerts he acted not only as a performer, but also as a theoretician of the genre, tracing its development to early poetry of Russia. Two disks with his songs are recorded in the Soviet Union, several abroad. For publishing his poetry and recording music abroad, as well as for his refusal to join the Communist party for religious reasons Almazov is considered a dissident. As such he is mentioned in various foreign reference books. In 1980, upon publishing his fourth book, he joins the USSR Writer's Union. However, he leaves his high school career only in 1987, when it becomes practically impossible to combine it with writing. Since 1990 Almazov actively participates in the Cossack revival, becoming one of the founders of the movement. He is elected to be the head of the Cossack community of the North-Western region, and, currently in this position, coordinates the activities of Cossack communities in the 13 districts of the region, and interacting with Cossack communities abroad. He works a lot as a journalist, is seen on television and publishes collections of articles on Cossack history and culture, two newspapers. He organizes scientific conferences and heads the "Cossack Informational Center". Two more children's books are published "The Life of Serafim Sarovsky" and "The Life of Prince Alexander Nevsky". Both are recommended by the Russian Orthodox Church. At present Almazov is the author of 42 books. He voluntarily helps forced resettlers from the Far Northern regions of Russia, and has proposed a fully developed program to the government of the Komi Republic. The program has been accepted and has produced convincing results. As an outcome a Mission of the Komi Republic in Saint-Petersburg has been opened, headed by Almazov.

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