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Druzhininsky Georgy Anatoljevich

   Director General, JSC Department-20 Metrostroy.

Leningrad born. In 1968 entered the Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport Engineers, the Faculty of Bridges and Tunnels. Combined studying not only with public work but also with research work in the Laboratory of Tunnel Modelling.

On graduating, in 1973, was called up to the Army, where he served as an officer.

After the army Georgy Druzhininsky started working in Lenmetrostroy, where he made rather rapid career from engineer to the head of an underground site in SMU-13, building stations and tunnels of the Leningrad Metro: Leninsky Prospect, Obukhovo, Technological Institute-2.

In 1984 came to SMU-20. First worked as a chief engineer, later, in 1991-1994 as a head, and since 1994 director general of by that time the stock company SMU-20 Metrostroy, renamed in 2000 Department-20 Metrostroy.

As a director, Georgy Druzhininsky managed to combine principles of up-to-date management in construction business and his personal qualities without which there is no success on the modern market.

Years of directing construction works of the St. Petersburg Metro have given Georgy Druzhininsky enormous experience, which he has always correlated with advanced technologies and innovations. Not for nothing he was awarded such titles as "Honorary Transport Constructor" and "Honorary Constructor of Russia". These titles mean public recognition of his creativity talent as a director, director that has staked on "work anew". Druzhininsky includes a lot in this "anew". First of all this is synthesis of deep economical knowledge of company's managers and application of advanced construction technologies.

Constantly paying much attention to his professional development, Georgy Druzhininsky took part in a number of special seminars for managers, both in Russia and abroad (Finland, England, USA (Business School of the Duke University). While studying in the institute he was believed to make a good scientific career and was suggested to enter a post graduate study. But his disposition to science and constant contacts with Petersburg scientist expressed in another way - he has established a direct and real communication "research laboratory - construction site", which has embodied in a modern conception of the technical progress. Georgy Druzhininsky is himself the author of more than 30 rationalistic proposals (all of them have been applied in industry), co-author of the published work "The Compound of Solution for Joints Sealing" and has a patent for an invention.

Having great organizational abilities Georgy Druzhininsky has authority with not only his work team, but also other St. Petersburg organizations.

Constantly realizing programs of staff training, he managed to create a highly professional team, where:

Chief Engineer - Vjacheslav Alekseevich Korablev, "Honoured Constructor of Russia"

Technical Director - Anatoly Evgenjevich Kosterev, candidate of technical sciences, "Honorary Constructor of Russia".

Besides, all top managers of JSC Department-20 Metrostroy have Certificates of Conformance of the Russian state construction organization for their construction activity.

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