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Beljakov Aleksander Semenovich

Chairman of the Natural Resources and Nature Management Committee, the State Duma, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Born on May 20, 1945, in Sortavala, the Karelian and Finnish Soviet Republic, in a family of workers. His father perished in the war, in 1945.

His labour activity began in 1962 in the Petrozavodsk Locomotive Bureau as a mechanic, then he worked as an engine-driver's mate.

In 1963 graduated from the Petrozavodsk Railway Technical School.

In 1968-1978 worked at Vojskovitsy battery farm as a mechanic, engineer, chief engineer.

In 1979, on graduating from the Leningrad Agricultural Institute (with qualification of mechanical engineer), was assigned to develop the largest in Europe Sinjavinsky Battery Complex. Worked as a chief engineer

In 1980 was appointed director of Zavodskaya battery farm.

In 1984-1990 - director of the battery farm named after 50th anniversary of the USSR (Leningrad Oblast). Was elected deputy of Vyborsky Regional Council.

In May 1990 was elected people's deputy of the Leningrad Oblast Council, deputy chairman of the Leningrad Oblast Council.

In October 1991 was appointed head of the Leningrad Oblast Administration.

On December 12, 1993 was elected deputy of the Federation Council, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Deputy of the Federation Council of the first and second convocations. (1993-1996, 1996).

1994-1996 - member of the Budget, Finance, Currency and Credit Regulation, Money Emission, Taxation Policy and Customs Regulation Committee, the Federation Council, the Federation Assembly of the Russian Federation.

January-September 1996 - chairman of the Economic Policy Committee

In 1996 was nominated major of St. Petersburg. Suggested to unite St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. After failure (10% electorate) took part in elections of governor for Lenigrad Oblast, but was not successful again (31.66%).

In 1997 became director of the North-West Department of SBS-AGRO Bank. Later, consultant of the chairman of the SBS-AGRO Board.

In 1999 was elected deputy of the State Duma (the third convocation).

Retired captain. Served in Germany.

Awarded with the order "For Services for Homeland"

Married. His daughter is an accountant, the son is a farmer.

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