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Chikirov, Alexander Sergeevich

    General director, JSC "Sovmortrans - Saint-Petersburg".
    He was born in Leningrad in 1950 in a family, which during the 20-50`s managed to keep its historical and cultural roots. The years of his childhood and studying were connected with the historical center of Leningrad, where his parents used to live. The unique surrounding of the postwar period influenced on his life principles very much. Then he studied in the navigational school and worked as a sailor on the vessels of the Baltic Navy Steamship Line.
    In 1971 Mr. Chikirov entered the Navy technical school named after Makarov and in 1976 he successfully graduated from it having the profession of a ship driver. After the technical school he worked on the passenger vessels of the Baltic Navy Steamship Line. Here he had very good professional skills , knowledge, abilities and experience which let him master all steps of the qualification hierarchy - from the 4th assistant till the chief captain assistant. After that he had been working as the long distance captain on the cargo vessels of different classes.
    In 1992 Alexander Chikirov started to work in St. Petersburg affiliate of the company "Sovmortrans", and on the basis of this affiliate he found the company "Sovmortrans-Petersburg" in 1993 and became its general director.
    Mr. Chikirov is married and he has a daughter.
    The joint-stock company "Sovmortrans" was founded in 1989 as the first non-government company, dealing with transport forwarding. In 1990 in Leningrad its affiliate was opened with the same name, and in 1993 this affiliate was reorganized into the independent filial company - the close corporation "Sovmortrans-Petersburg".
    Earlier in the former Soviet Union only the company "Soyuzvneshtrans " dealt with the transport forwarding. And after the joint-stock company "Sovmortrans" was founded the State monopoly was broken and the clients got the opportunities to choose.
    Today the close corporation "Sovmortrans-Petersburg" ( SMTP ) provides the clients with the wide spectrum of services , connected with transportation and forwarding of the foreign trade loads. The company works with many clients from all parts of the world on the regular basis. SMTP is the transport company and carry out the port ship's agency service, loads` forwarding all over the territory of Russia and the former territory of the USSR , booking of vessels, customs clearance and customs house formalities in the port of St. Petersburg, all operations connected with the transfer of cargo in the port.
    The clients of SMTP should only announce their desire to send or to receive the cargo and the company will undertake responsibility to provide the clients with all necessary work regarding the cargo.
    The highly efficient personnel of SMTP will offer the most comfortable and profitable for a client way to transport the cargo by sea, railway or truck. The ship agents will control all cargo operations during the whole ship's parking lot, following the interests of the ship owner and chatterer. The forwarding service will provide the client with the delivery of cargoes by adjusted way of transport to any place of the former territory of the USSR. The customs service will carry out all customs clearance of the cargo , because SMTP is the licensed customs broker.
    From 1992 till 1996 SMTP had been the linear agent of the company " Sea- Land". After this biggest world company created its own company in St. Petersburg, SMTP became the linear agent of The North Navy Steamship Line (NNSL) and it organized the work of 5 shipping lines to Holland, Italy, Spain and France. At present SMTP includes the transportation as the containers (including refrigerators) as the general cargoes.
    SMTP carries out all complex of work according to the official licenses for:
- Agent services of the vessels (SMTP is a member of FONASBA)
- Transport and forwarding services (a member of FIATA)
- Broking (a member of BIMCO)
- Customs broker's activity
    According to this, the company fulfills the following licensed services:
- Freight and booking of the vessels
- Ship agency service
- Customs clearance and custom house formalities
- The full volume of the transport and forwarding services
- The fulfillment of tracking for the containers.
- "Door-to- door" delivery
    Working with a majority of the clients from the European countries, countries of American continent, The South-East Asia and Africa, the company counts on the work with the native companies, trying to satisfy all inquiries of Russian employers. Unfortunately, it should be pointed out that for the last period of time all regulations and laws admitted by our officials don't follow the interests of Russian ship owners and cargo owners.
    But inspite of all troubles ,the company copes with the main task - provision the clients with the fast and reliable delivery of goods, lightening of their work.
    And first of all, it is because in comparison with other companies, the company "Sovmortrans-Petersburg " started its work from the very beginning with the help of tremendous efforts of Mr. Chikirov and his colleagues, who have been working together for many years and even now.

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