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Bykovitsky Dmitry Mikhailovich

Author and performer, Dmitry Mikhailovich Bykovitsky was on September 7, 1946 in Leningrad. During his childhood he lived in the Western Ukraine, in the city of Ivano-Frankovsk. For the present moment Bykovitsky lives in St. Petersburg.

In 1953 D. M. Bykovitsky went to school and in 1964 he entered the Leningrad First Medical Institute of I. I. Pavlov where from he graduated from 1970. For two years D. M. Bykovitsky served as a doctor in Russian Navy in the region of Eastern Prussia. Later he became cardiologist and head of the First City Diagnostic Center.

His musical education comprised 5 years of Musical School, of forte-piano class. D. M. Bynovitsky plays on six-string guitar. He considers his spiritual masters to be Bulat Okudzhava and several authors from Leningrad - A. Gorodnitsky, Y. Kukin, B. Poloskin, E. Klyachkin and a number of Moscow authors - M. Ancharov, A. Galich, N. Matveyeva, V. Vysotsky.

Since Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava died, annually on his memorial day in St. Petersburg there is evening of his sings on Malaya Konniushennaya initiated by Dmitry Bykovitsky.

In his youth Dmitry Bykovitsky tried himself as both in poesy and in prose. But only in 1978 he took a guitar and wrote his first song "Finlyandsky Vokzal". He writes songs on his verses except for one, written in 1970 on English verses translated by Bershtein - "Peeping-Hill". Numerous songs were written by him about his favorite city - St. Petersburg; that is he is sometimes called "Nevsky Angel".

Great influence to Dmitry Bykovitsky creative work brought the club of song - "Vostok", which member he is now. As well, Dmitry cooperates with radio and sometimes with TV.

His books of verses and songs, together with his memoirs were issued. Among them are "The 13th Chapter" (1992), "The Melodies of St. Petersburg" (1996), "Time to Love" (1996), "Memories on Stanislav" (1997), as well as his audio-cassettes and compact-disks - "St. Petersburg Sights", "Resurrection of Love" and audio-cassette with the songs of B. Okudzhava in performance of D. M. Bykovitsky, his telefilms "Who are you?" and "Nevsky Angel" - about creative biography of Dmitry Mikhailovich Bykovitsky.

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