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Dolsky Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

   Poet, composer, musician, performing author.
   Aleksandr Dolsky was born June 7, 1938 in the city of Sverdlovsk. Since 1975 he has been living in Leningrad (St. Petersburg).
   After school Aleksandr Dolsky has worked as a mechanic. He graduated from S.M. Kirov Ural Polytechnical Institute's Construction Faculty (1963), from the Engineering and Economics Faculty's Graduate Studies School and from the evening division of a music school, specializing in guitar performance (1963). He plays 6-string guitar. In the 1950's he won the diploma of the first post-war National Performance Artists' Contest as a guitarist.
   Aleksandr Dolsky's education makes him a certified contruction engineer and an applied mathematician. He has worked in Leningrad City Planning Research Institute.
   In February 1979 Dolsky became laureate of the sixth National Performance Artists' Contest. Since March 1979 until 1980 he worked as actor at Leningrad Miniature Theater under the direction of Arkady Raikin. Since then he has been a freelance poet and performing artist. He has been awarded the title of Accomplished Artist of Russia. Member of St. Petersburg Division of Russia's Writers' and Playwrights' Association since 1979.
   Aleksandr Dolsky first started writing songs to his own lyrics while still in school (1949). He played in jazz and rock bands in his youth and participated in many festivals. Since 1977 he has often been a member of various juries (of Grushin and numerous other festivals). He considers "A Girl Could Not Help Her Tears", written in 1954, to be his first real song. He wrote songs to the films "Diner on Pyatnitskaya Street" and "When the Saints Come Marching Down" and to various drama theater plays. He has written songs to the lyrics of French, English, American and Russian poets. He acted in "When the Saints Come Marching Down" and "New Shekherezade" (Lenfilm studios) and in the Russian-Japanese film "Rin".
   Aleksandr Dolsky is fond of painting. He has published books, including those with his own illustrations, and released over 40 record discs, audio tapes and CD's. He has gone on numerous tours abroad.

   This material has been prepared by A. and M. Levitan.

   Aleksandr Dolsky's photo album

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