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Alena Akhmadullina

   Alena Akhmadullina was, no doubt, a real discovery of 2000 in Russia.
   While still at her fifth year at Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design she won several prestigious competitions, and her "Dragon Goes!" avant-garde collection made a hit both among experts and fashion afitionados.
   Alena was born on June 5, 1978 in Sosnovy Bor, Leningradsky region, where she attended both secondary and art school. In 1995 she was accepted to Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design (department of design and technology).
   In February 1996 she gained her first victory in the "Architectonics of volume structures" Contest in Saint Petersburg over 40 other participants.
   A year later, in February 1997, for her sketches Alena was awarded the second prize at the "Linen-97" Exhibition (Saint Petersburg). Simultaneously she participated in "Hat salon-97" international exhibition in Saint Petersburg, and three months later her 5-piece collection "Korovkin Blues" ("Cow Blues") was demonstrated at the Annual International Young Fashion
   Designers Contest "Admiralty Needle -97" (Saint Petersburg) (the "Cow Blues" collection was also presented at the regional semifinal of Smirnoff International Fashion Awards (SIFA) in Saint Petersburg in May 1997). In 1997 Alena also participated in the Contest held by "Petromix" company (September, 1997, Saint Petersburg) where she got the fifth place, and in The Fall Fashion Week in Saint Petersburg (October 1997).
   In May, 1998 Alena was awarded the fifth prize both at the final of "Admiralty Needle-98" ("Anasteziya" ("Anesthesia") collection) and at the semifinal of Smirnoff International Fashion Awards in Saint Petersburg ("Aposemus" collection). The "Anesthesia" and "Aposemus" collections were also demonstrated at the Saint Petersburg presentation of Cosmopolitan (Russia) and at the presentation of "YES!" teen magazine in Moscow. In October an outfit from Akhmadullina's "Aposemus" collection was shot for ELLE (Russia). In December Alena took part in the Students seminar in the SAGA International Design Center (Denmark). She also presented a new 14-piece collection, "Evolution of Woman", at "Days of Fashion" Festival in Saint Petersburg.
   In March, 1999 Alena's model from "Evolution of Woman" collection reached the final of All-Russia contest "The Dress of the Year". The entire collection meanwhile participates in Saint Petersburg semifinal of International Young Fashion Designers Contest "I remember a wonderous moment:" established by "Russian Silhoutte" Charity Fund. Two models from the new "Laboratory of Woman" collection brought Alena the third place at Saint Petersburg semifinal of SIFA-1999 in May, and later, in September - the third place at the National Final in Moscow. In June the collection was highlighted in YES! and I-D magazines, and in December - in HARPERS' BAZAAR (Russia) and l'OFFICIEL (Russia).
   In March, 2000 a dress from the "Dragon Goes!" collection made Alena really famous as she won the national final of All-Russia Contest "The Dress of the Year" in Moscow. This dress supplied with "spinal columns" at the back and the "cocoon" was not only voted the best avant-garde dress, but also brought Alena the "Golden Hanger" and the title of the absolute winner of the contest. In the same month the entire collection was presented at the Third Saint Petersburg Beauty Festival. In April Akhmadullina as one of the SIFA three prize-winners attended seminar in the SAGA International Design Center (Denmark). At the Saint Petersburg semifinal of the International Young Fashion Designers Contest "New Russia - XXI Century" established by the "Russian Silhoutte" Cheruty Fund "Dragon Goes!" collection was voted second best. In May Alena won the Grand-Prix of the "Admiralty Needle-2000" contest.

   Alena Akhmadullina's photo album

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