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Ananov Andrey Georgievich

President of the firm "Russian Jewellery art - Ananov". Chairman of the Russian Cultural Workers' Union.
    Born August 8,1945 in Leningrad.
    Graduated from the Leningrad State Theatre, Music and Cinematography Institute as a director (1989).
    Worked as a sailor, then at the Kulakov factory, then as a director at the Komissarzhevskaya Drama Theatre.
    In 1974 became a jeweller.
    In 1989 founded the Cooperative Society "Russian Jewellery art- Ananov".
    Contracted in 1991 with the firm Faberge (France) about the usage of the trademark "Faberge by Ananov". Has been since February 1996 the Chairman of Russian Cultural Workers Union. Co-Chairman of the Coordination Council of Russian Arts Unions.
    Awarded the International "Silver Lion" Prize in Paris (1991) and the Major Gold Medal for Contribution to Art in Genoa (1992). Honourary Russian Worker of Arts (1995).
    Brother, Ananov N.M., Deputy of the Legislative St.-Petersburg.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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