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Badmaeva Elena

   Fashion designer.
   Graduated from Saint-Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named after Mukhina. Elena Badmaeva is a recognized fasion expert and a member of International Designers' Union.
   Elena's collection "Petersburg fire wall" (1996) was her first success.
   In 1997 her degree work "Cocktail Woman" got the first award at Regional round of the International Contest "Smirnoff". After that Elena began working at "Nevsky Prospect Fashion House" as a chief designer and created six collections. In 1997 Elena took part in International Contest "Hair open" in Helsinki. In 1998 her collection "Cocktail Woman" got the Award of International Festival "Art Genda" in Stockholm.
   Being a representative of romantic trend in Petersburg fashion, in her next collection Elena created a delicate and subtle image of contemporary woman paying not attention to her business-like and strong character. This collection called "Some sun in cold water" was represented at International Festival "In Vogue" in Vilnus.
   Elena's collection pret-a-porte "BRAND NEW" incudes ultra-modern clothes for men and women. This collection keeps all disigner's stylistic peculiarities - elegancy of silhouette, purity of lines, subtle colouring, unexpectedness and simplicity.
   The first collection of pret-a-porte de luxe "War and Peace" was shown in March, 2001 during High Fashion Week in Saint-Petersburg.
   You can buy clothes designed by Elena Badmaeva in the leading shops of Petersburg, in Badmaeva's saloons and also in her studio on Nevsky Prospect, 164.

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