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Bazanov Anatoly Grigorievich

   General Director of "Russian Applied Chemistry Research Center" federal state unitary enterprise, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor.
   A.G. Bazanov was born on May 26, 1944 in Leningrad.
   In 1967 he has graduated from Leningrad Technological Institute as a chemical engineer, specializing in chemistry and technology of organic compounds of nitrogen.
   In 1967 to 1981 he has been working at various positions in the Technological Institute: junior researcher (1967), senior engineer (1967-1969), graduate student (1969-1972) and senior lecturer (1972-1980).
   In 1972 he has defended his Candidate's dissertation, in 1979 his Doctorate. In 1987 he has received the scholarly title of a Professor.
   Since 1981 until today he has been working at "Applied Chemistry" Russian Research Center, as Laboratory Chief (1981-1986), Department Chief (1986-1993), Deputy General Director (1993-1996) and General Director (1997-present).
   A.G. Bazanov is a globally reknowned scientist in the area of chemistry and technology of organic compounds of nitrogen and of heterocyclic compounds. He has carried out extensive theoretical and experimental research in chemistry and thermodynamics of replaced nitrogen compounds. As a result of this work new directions in the chemistry of multiple nitrogen compounds have been developed, the synthesis of a number of highly effective special purpose compounds has been done, followed by the development of technology for obtaining these compounds and their consequent introduction into industry.
   A.G. Bazanov has made a considerable contribution to the development of the scientific basis of the technological processes involved in basic organic synthesis and to their application to industry, including enterprises of chemical, oil and medical industries. A.G. Bazanov has personally participated in the development of paranitrobenzoic acid production at "Khimprom" production association in Novye Cheboksary, in the creation of facilities for the production of tetrahydrofurane and polyfurite at Kropotkin Chemical Factory and Fergana Furane Compound Factory, for the production of furfuryl alcohol at KHZ (??), of chlorcholinechloride at "Caustic" enterprise in Sterlitamaksk. He has also received initial data needed for the engineering of higher aliphatic amines and of several types of corrosion inhibitors. For his contribution to the creation and industrial application of new technological processes A.G. Bazanov was awarded the "Accomplished Scientist and Technologist of Russia" title in 1994.
   Research works under the guidance of A.G. Bazanov continue at "Applied Chemistry" research center today. Among these are works aimed at the creation of new technologies of basic and subtle organic synthesis of copolymer polyetherdiols, of new corrosion inhibitors, of surface agents, of floating reactants, of additives to motor fuels, of technical substances in medicines, of half-products, of auxiliary medical materials.
   A.G. Bazanov is a leader in important areas of technical chemistry in economy and technology. He is a member of a number of interdepartmental science and technology coordinating councils, of Russian Academy of Sciences councils, of Russia's VAK dissertation committees. He carries out extensive collaboration with leading foreign firms in the area of production of organic chemicals.
   He is the author of over 200 research works, including 30 author's invention reports and patents. A.G. Bazanov is a talented educator. Under his guidance 11 graduate students have defended their Candidate's dissertation.
   For his program of research and engineering works in the area of high-energy systems for aerospace and rocket technology A.G. Bazanov has been awarded the A.M. Isayev (1998), B.P. Barmin (1999) and K.E. Tsiolkovsky (2000) medals of the Russian Aerospace Federation.

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