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Brodsky Mikhail Naumovich

The representative of Saint-Petersburg Administration in the Legislative Assembly.

Born on March 4 1948 in Leningrad.

In1971 graduated from the economic faculty of Leningrad State University, in 1996 - from Law University (Marseille), in 2001 - from the North-West Academy of Civil Service, specialised in law.

Obtained Phd. in economic science in 1979. Obtained the degree of Doctor of economic sciences in 1991. Professor of the department of international economic relations of Saint-Petersburg University of economics and finance. Academic of the Russian Academy for natural sciences and the International Academy of national security of the United Europe, corresponding member of the Russian Academy for management and market.

Worked as a driver and metal worker.

After graduation from the university he worked in the shipbuilding industry, housing, in science and education and in governmental bodies.

Starting from 1998 he is a deputy of Saint-Petersburg Legislative Assembly of the second convocation. He is the head of the Controlling group, the member of the budget and finance committee, the member of the commission on education, culture and science, the member of the accounts commission.

He is a co-ordinator the faction "The Union of Right Forces" of Saint-Petersburg Legislative Assembly. In order to make the legislative work of Saint-Petersburg Legislative Assembly more effective he and the rector of Saint-Petersburg University of economics and finance Tarasevich L.S. initiated in March 1999 the establishment of Law Institute in this university, where the deputies actively co-operate with the scientists in law making.

He also initiated the establishment of "The Scientific Notes" magazine of the Law Institute of Saint-Petersburg University of economics and finance. The materials on the legislative and scientific activities of the deputies are published in this magazine. Now Mikhail Brodsky is the member of the editing board of the magazine.

Married. Has two children - a son and a daughter.

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