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Ignatjev Sergey Mikhailovich
Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, First Deputy of the Minister of Finance.

Ionin, German Nikolaevich
Chairman of the Literature Teaching Methodology Department at St. Petersburg State Pedagogical Institute, senior lecturer; professor.

Israylit Nikolay Solomonovich
Director General, Joint-Stock Company Krasny Vyborzhets.

Italyantsev Sergey Viktorovich
General Director of OAO "Scientific Research Institute of the Precise Mechanics".

Ivanov Igor Alexeevich
Painter, theater artist.

Ivanov, Konstantin Kirillovich
Artist, member of Russia's Artists Association, member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Arts and Sciences, member of the Trustee Council of the Baltic Fund.

Ivanov Sergei Borisovich
Russian Federation's Minister of Defense.

Ivanov Sergey Yuryevich
Director General of the Information Resources Agency.

Ivanova Olga Vladimirovna
The head of the committee for education.

Ivanova, Tatiana Grigoryevna
Doctor of philological sciences, manager of the manuscript department at the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House).

Ivashintsov Dmitry Alexandrovich
Director general of public corporation "Vedeneev Russian Science Research Institute of Hydrotechny".

Jigarkhanian Marina Borisovna
Chief of "Manege" exhibition hall's Department of Modern Art.

Juminov Oleg Vasiljevich
President and Director General, Non-profit Partnership "Association of Stock Institutes". Director General, JSC Diaga, JSC "New Information Technologies".

Kagan Anatoly Vladimirovich
Vice-governor of St. Petersburg. Head of the Public Health Committee.

Kakabadze, Badri Davidovich
General director of "Petroholod" enterprise.

Kalinina, Tatyana Alexandrovna

Kalugin Alexander Vasiljevich
General manager of "Jilstrojinvest".

Kaplan Lev Moiseevich
Director, the St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies; Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor, Honoured Economist of Russia.

Kapuro, Marina Stanislavovna
Lead singer of the group "Yabloko".

Kapysh, Pavel Grigorievich
Founder and, until July 1999, President of Baltic Financial and Industrial Group.

Karmazinov, Felix Vladimirovich
General director of the St. Petersburg Water Reservoir; Master’s degree in Technical Sciences; acting correspondent member of the Academy of Engineering.

Katerli, Nina

Kazbekov Latif

Kerzhakov Alexander

Kharchenko Oleg Andreyevich
Chairman of the St. Petersburg Administration's City Planning and Architecture Committee.

Khizhnyakov Vladimir Viktorovich
Director of Auto Service Technical Equipment of Small Enterprises research and technology center under the federal Central Machine-building Construction Bureau.

Khromushin Oleg

Kidanov Vladimir Alekseyevich
Chief of St. Petersburg Federal Postal Services Board.

Kikichev, Nail Gusupovich
General Director of the "Lengazteplostroy" company, candidate of technical science, The Honored builder of The Russian Federation.

Kinchev (Panfilov), Konstantin Yevgenyevich
Leadsinger of the rock group "Alisa".

Kiselyov, Alexander Nikolaevich
President of the Christian Democratic Union of Russia.

Kivinov Andrey Vladimirovich

Klebanov, Ilya Iosifovich
Authorized Representative of the Russian Federation's President in the North-Western federal district.

Klimin Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Director General, Kadis Co.

Kliachkin Evgeny Isaakovich
Singer, composer, bard.

Klimov Sergei Mikhailovich
Rector of the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Trade, Economics and Law.

Knaifel Alexander

Knysh Mikhail Ivanovich
Director of "Dortekhnologii" State Unitary Road Enterprise, Doctor of Economics, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Macroeconomics Section).

Kobitsky Arkady Semenovich
Director General, Member of the Board, Chairman of the Directors Committee, LOMO PLC.

Kochergin Eduard Stepanovich
Script writer, cheaf artist of Academic Bolshoi Drama Theatre named after G.A. Tovstonogov (Saint-Petersburg).

Kolker, Alexander Naumovich

Kolpakova, Irina Alexandrovna
Solo ballet-dancer.

Komaritsyn, Anatoly Aleksandrovich
Head of the Main Board of Navigation and Oceanography at Russia's Ministry of Defense, head of the Navy's Hydrographic Services.

Komarov, Gennady Pavlovich
Director of the Oktyabrskaya Railroad System.

Komarov Aleksandr Yurievich

Kondakov Konstantin Valentinovich
Vice-governor of St. Petersburg.

Konetsky, Victor Viktorovich
Writer, Film scenario writer.

Konstantinov (Bakonin), Andrei Dmitrievich
Journalist, writer.

Konyaev Nikolai Mikhailovich

Koptev Aleksey
Viola, St. Petersburg String Quartet.

Kormer Vitaly Abramovich
Director, Synthetic Rubber Research Institute (SRRI).

Korkunov Vladislav Nikolaevich
Director, the St. Petersburg Research and Design Institute Atomenergoproject.

Korolyov, Anatolii Petrovich
General Director of the "Almaz" shipbuilding company.

Kostkina Ludmila Andreevna
Vice-governor of Saint-Petersburg, in charge of social and health policy.

Koshelyov, Alexandr Mihailovich
General director of the "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg "enterprise.

Kotegova Tatiana
Fashion designer.

Kotelnikov, Artemiy Nikolayevich
President of International Bar "St. Petersburg".

Kotelkin Yuri Vladimirovich
Chief of JSC "Alpha Bank" St-Petersburg branch's Credit Department.

Kovalev Alexander Nikolayevich
Poet, writer, publicist.

Kovalevsky, Valentin Leonovich
Chairman of the Orthodox Revival Party, President of the "Ost-West" Association.

Koveshnikov, Vakhtang Pavlovich
President of St.-Petersburg Industrialists and Businessmen Union.

Kozhevnikov, Petr Vasilievich
Journalist, pedagogue, ecology activist

Kozlov Grigory Michajlovich
Theatre director.

Krasnikov Alexander Mikhailovich
President of the «Peterburgrekonstruktsiya» Public Corporation.

Krasnov Boris Nikolayevich

Kramarev Arkady Grigorievich
Chairman of the Permanent Commission on Lawfulness, member of a coordination group on budget and finances, member of the Permanent Commission on the affairs of veterans and blockade victims.

Krikunov Aleksander Nikolaevich
Director, JSC St. Petersburg Tractor Plant.

Krivoshapov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Director general of public corporation "Lengipromez".

Krotman Eduard Yevgenyevich
Choirmaster of the St. Petersburg State University Choir, conductor of the chamber choir of the "Smolny Cathedral"

Krotov, Victor Yurievich
First vice-governor of St. Petersburg, head of the Department of Finance.

Kryuchkova, Svetlana Nikolayevna
Theatre and Film actress.

Kudrin Aleksei Leonidovich
Vice Premier of the Russian Federation Government, Minister of Finances

Kukin Yury Alekseevich
Singer, composer, bard.

Kuleshov, Vlad Petrovich
Chairman of the Russian Branch of the World Flowers Union.

Kurchev Nickolai Fedorovich
Collectioner, registrar and chronicler of bard and amateur songs.

Kurekhin Sergey
Composer, pianist.

Kushenkova Nadezda Viktorovna
The head of the Committee for culture.

Kushner, Alexander Semyonovich

Kuskin, Ivan Semeonovich
General director of the joint - stock company "The Hotel complex" Pulkovskaya".

Kuzmina, Ludmila Ivanovna
Literary critic, Master of Philological Sciences, member of the Trustee Committee of the Baltic Fund.

Kuzmov, Vladimir Nikolaevich
General Director of JSC "Svetoch".

Kuznetsov Aleksey Petrovich

Kuznetsov Vyacheslav Nikolayevich

Kuznetsov Leonid Grigorievich
General Director of Compressor.

Kuznetsov Sergei Ivanovich
Director General, Joint-Stock Company Rostelecom.

Kyrlig Aleksey Stepanovich
Director, Mechanization Department No. 1.

Kvasha, Oleg Semyonovich

Lapin Alexei Stanislavovich
General Director of "Lapin Enterprises".

Lavrov, Alexandr Vasilievich
The leading research worker of the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (the Pushkin House).

Lavrov, Kirill Yuryevich
Theatre and Film actor.

Lazarev Levon Konstantinovich

Lazaryan, Vyacheslav Pavlovich
General Director of JSC Sovauto St. Petersburg.

Leitis Igor Mikhailovich
General Director of JSC "Adamant".

Lemehov Sergey
Caricature-painter, book graphic artist

Leonov Valeriy Pavlovich
Director, the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Lihachyov, Dmitry Sergeevich
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science.

Likhachev Andrei Nikolayevich
Director of OAO "Lenenergo", President of the St. Petersburg Track and Field Athletics Federation, member of the European University's Trustee Council.

Lobko Viktor Nikolaevich
Vice-governor of Saint-Petersburg - the head of the Office of Saint-Petersburg Administration.

Loktionov, Victor Leonidovich
St.-Petersburg's vice-governor.

Lombas Svjatoslav Vladimirovich
Director, SUE Lengiproinzhproject

Lopatkina, Ulyana Vyacheslavovna
Solo ballet-dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Lopatnikov Viktor Alekseyevich
Representative of Russia's Ministry of External Affairs in St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Novgorod regions.

Robert Lotosh

Lopota, Vitalii Alexandrovich
Director and head designer of the Central Research Institute of Technical Cybernetics and Robot Technology.

Lukjanov Andrey Valerjevich
Deputy Head of Investment Business, St. Petersburg Subsidiary of JSC Alfa-Bank

Lurje Felix Robertovich
Amateur photographer.

Viktor Lyapkalo

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