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Bogdanov Yury Petrovich

   Yury Bogdanov was born in 1935 in Smolensk.
   In 1955 he graduated from Arkhangelsk Naval School, where he acquired a profession of shipbuilding technician.He began to work at the dock "Canonerskiy" in Leningrad, then he worked at Design offices of shipbuilding industry and took part in voyages through the Arctic, Barents and Baltic Seas.
   In 1964 he graduated from Military Mechanical Institute. From 1964 to 1977 he worked at the Central Scientific Research Institute of shipbuilding technology. In 1977 he took part in the semi-annual scientific expedition of the research institute "Emerald" in the Indian Ocean.
   Being a student Yury Bogdanov took a great interest in photography. Gradually this interest became his profession. Over two years and a half he was a head of the photographic laboratory of the branch institute.
   Yury Bogdanov is a member of Saint-Petersburg photo club. His works are devoted to Saint-Petersburg, its views and people. From the early eighties he has been photographing composers and performers of Leningrad, Moscow and other cities of Russia. Today there is a portrait gallery of more than 60 bards. The portraits are exhibited in concert halls during the song festivals. Yuriy Bogdanov's photographs decorate song collections of A.Brunov, V.Vihorev, A.Gorodnitskiy, E.Kliachkin, Y.Koukin, A.Hochinskiy and other Russian bards, they also illustrate "Saint-Petersburg chord", the book of poems and songs about Leningrad - Saint-Petersburg, published in 2000.

   The material was prepared by the Levitans.

   Photo-portrait by A.Timofeev (Saint-Petersburg)

   Yury Bogdanov's photo album

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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