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Rahlin Boris Vul'fovich
Scenographer, artist.

Radvilovitch Alexandr

Rakhlin, Ilya Yakovlevich
People's Artist of Russia, head of the St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre.

Razumova Irina
President of the "Planeta Fitness" Company.

Reiman Leonid Dodojonovich
Minister of Information and Communications.

Renzhin, Nikolay Georgievich
Director of the hotel "Okhtinskaya".

Reshetov, Nikolay Alexeevich
General director of the Russian Naval Register of Navigation (RNRN).

Retjunskikh Alexander Ivanovich
General Director of the International Training and Consulting Scientific-Practical Center of Russian Martial Art "RETAL".

Rezepter Vladimir Emmanuilovich
Poet, fiction writer, actor, director, artistic director of Pushkin Theater Center.

Riabov Vitaly Vladimirovich
Executive vice-president of "Alpha-Bank" public corporation. Executive of "Alpha-Bank" office in St. Petersburg.

Rogozhkin, Alexander Vladimirovich
Film director.

Romanov, Victor Yegorovich
Rector of St.Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.

Romanov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Director of the State "Sign of Honour" award Research and Engineering Institute for the Development and Operation of the Fisheries (Giprorybflot). Professor, Candidate's Degree in the Technical Sciences.

Rosenbaum, Aleksander Yakovlevich
Singer, composer and poet.

Roshchin Alexei Stanislavovich
General Director of "The Fourth Dimension" company.

Rozov Viktor Ivanovich
Director General, JSC Visa.

Rumiantsev, Maksim Robertovich
Director of the Lubavich Publishing House.

Rybakov Yuly Andreevich
Deputy of the RF State Duma of the III convocation. Chairman of the ST Subcommittee of Human Rights.

Rychkov-Galaktionov Alexander

Ryuzin, Vitaly Vyacheslavovich
Chairman of Baltic Financial and Industrial Group (BFIG) Board of Directors.

Sabilo, Ivan Ivanovich
Chairman of the St. Petersburg Writers' Organization, prose writer.

Sadyrin, Pavel Fyodorovich
Chief Trainer of the football team TsSKA (Moscow).

Sanne is the head of SANNE Enlightenment Centre public organization.

Sapozhnikov Vladimir Alekseyevich

Sarychev Valentin Aleksandrovich
Acting member of the International, Russian and Ukrainian Academies of Transportation, of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy, of the Russian Academy of Medical Technology Sciences.

Sautov Ivan Petrovich
Director of the State Reservation Museum "Tsarskoye Selo".

Sazanov Aleksandr Petrovich
Professional journalist, publisher, social activist.

Savchenko, Vadim Parfenyevich
General Director Of the folk art crafts "Tvorchestvo" association.

Savelyev Vitaly Gennadievich
Financial vice-president of joint-stock company "Gazprom".

Savva, Viktor Konstantinovich
General Director of the St. Petersburg Cardboard and Polygraphics Complex.

Sedov, Oleg Victorovich
Executive Director of the "St. Petersburg Book" foundation, the faoundation for the support of book publishing.

Seleznev Gennady Nikolayevich
Chairman of Russian Federation's Federal Assembly's State Duma.

Semendyayev, Boris Vasilievich
General Director of the Electrode Factory Ltd.

Semenenko Piotr Georgievich
General Director of JSC "Kirovsky Factory".

Semenyako Evgeniy Vasilievich
Chairman of the Presidium of the St. Petersburg City Bar.

Senatsky Yury Konstantinovich
Veteran of the Naval Rescue Service, Baltic Rescue Service. Retired rear admiral. Main specialist in rescue and salvaging operations of the USSR Navy.

Senchurov Vjacheslav Aleksandrovich
Deputy Head-Chief Designer of special equipment, the North Design Bureau.

Serdukov Anatoly Eduardovich
The member of the Government, the head of Saint-Petersburg Authority of the Ministry for taxes and duties.

Sergeyev Aleksandr Mikhailovich
General Director of JSC "St. Petersburg Remmash".

Sergeyeva Irena Andreyevna

Shali Vladimir
Writer and Philosopher.

Sharko, Zinaida Maximovna
Actress at the Tovstonogov Academic Bolshoy Drama Theatre.

Shcherban Yevgeniy Petrovich

Sherbuk Juri Aleksandrovich
The head of the Committee for public health.

Shefner, Vadim Sergeevich
Poet, prose writer.

Shenderovich, Yakov Efimovich
General Director of Keramika ("Ceramics") Scientific Production Enterprise.

Shemshutchenko Vladimir Ivanovitch
Poet, bard.

Shepovalova Evgeniya Viktorovna
Director, the St. Petersburg State Library for the Blind.

Shestakov Yuri Mikhailovich

Shestalov Uvan Nikolaevitch

Shevchenko Yuri Leonidovich
Minister of Health.

Shevchuk Yuri Yulianovich
Musician, leader of “DDT” rock-band.

Shipitsyna Ludmila Mikhailovna
Rector of the Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology of the International Family and Child Care University named after Raul Wallenberg.

Shishkin, Anatoly Aleksandrovich
Director of the State Memorial Museum of the Defense and Blockade of Leningrad.

Shitarev Vladimir Ilyich
Vice-governor of St. Petersburg.

Shlykhtenko Alexander Vasilievich
President of Central Marine Design Bureau (CMDB) 'Almaz'.

Shmakov, Sergey Pavlovich

Shubaev Sergey Vladimirovich
Deputy head of the North-West branch of JSB IBG NIKoil.

Shubarev Maksim Valerjevich
Founder and President of Petersburg Realty Corporation; Vice-President, the holding company Leninez.

Shubina Nina Vladimirovna
Head of the Committee of Cooperation with Local Governments, the St. Petersburg Administration.

Shukaev Leonid
Cello, St. Petersburg String Quartet.

Shulyakovsky Oleg Borisovich
General Director of JSC "Baltiysky Factory".

Shulz, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Director of the Grebenshchikov Silicate Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Science.

Sidorov, Igor Alexandrovich
Chairman of the St.Petersburg of Journalists.

Skljar Igor Borisovich

Sikharulidze Anton

Simonov Valentin Nikitich.
General Director of JSC Krasniy Viborgets.

Sisoev, Alexander Abramovich
General director of the public company "Lensvyaz".

Sisoev, Alexander Lvovich
General director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of saint-Petersburg".

Sivach, Nikolay Valeryevich
General Director of the St. Petersburg Joint Ventures Association.

Skatov, Nikolay Nikolayevich
Director of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House).

Skobara Vyacheslav Vladimirovich
General Director of JSC "Petro-Balt-Audit".

Slonimsky, Sergey Mikhailovich
Composer, musicologist, pianist.

Slovokhotov, Vladimir Dmitrievich
Artistic Coordinator, Director of the State Satire Theatre on the Vasilievsky Island.

Smirnov Alexander Alexandrovich
Vice Governor of St. Petersburg.

Smirnov Dmitry

Smolina Irina Aleksandrovna
Journalist, Presenter of the Petersburg Television and Radio Company.

Stolpovskih Vladimir
The Director of the Concert Choir of the St-Petersburg Academic Opera.

Sokolov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Principal director of Peterhof Holidays of Fountains.

Sokolov, Grigory Lipmanovich

Sokolova Irina Leonidovna
Theatre and cinema actress.

Sokurov, Alexander Nikolayevich
Film director.

Solonin Yury Nikiforovich
Dean of the Philosophical Faculty of the Saint-Petersburg State University.

Soloveichik Aleksander Mikhailovich
General Director of the ΞΐΞ "LenPolygraphMach".

Somov Vadim Evseyevich
General Director of "Kinef" ("Kirishineforgsintez").

Sosnora Victor Aleksandrovich
Poet, prose writer.

Spassky, Igor Dmitrievich
Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Science. Chief-General Designer of the Central Design Marine Engineering "Rubin" Office.

Spiridopulo Vladimir Iljich
Chief Engineer, the North Design Bureau.

Spivak Semjon Yakovlevich
Artistic director of Saint-Petersburg State Youth Theatre on Fontanka, honoured man of art of Russia, laureate of Russian State Award.

Stadler, Sergey Valentinovich
Violinist, conductor.

Stepanova Nina Ilyinichna
General Director of N.K. Krupskaya Confectionery Factory JSC.

Stansmor Tomas
Head of the St. Petersburg Representative Office of Deloitte & Touche

Strizhak, Veronika Nikolayevna
TV journalist, presenter of the "Naobum" talk show.

Strugatsky, Boris Natanovich

Suslov Valery Fiodorovich
Chief Engineer of JSC "Central Research Institute of Ship Devices".

Svedler, Pyotr Veniaminovich
Chess player.

Svetin, Mihail Semyonovich
Theatre and film actor.

Talkovskiy Alfred Michaylovich
Variety actor, performing author.

Tarasov Sergei Borisovich
Chairman of St. Petersburg's Legislative Assembly.

Tatarsky, Yevgeny Markovich
Film director.

Taymanov, Mark Yevgenyevich
Chess player, musician.

Taymanova Irina Evgenyevna
Musical Theatre Producer, TV Commentator.

Temirkanov, Yuri Hatuyevich
Artistic Director of the St. Petersburg State Philharmonic named after D.D. Shostakovich, Chief Conductor of the Philharmonic's Academic Symphony Orchestra.

Teplyakov Ilya
2nd violin, St. Petersburg String Quartet.

Tischenko Boris Ivanovich

Tjutin Dmitriy Valentinovich
Director General, Investment and Building Corporation Joint-Stock Company Stroykomplekt; doctor of philosophy and economics.

Tolstoi Mikhail Nikitich
Member of a coordination group on legislation, member of the Permanent Commission on education and culture.

Tolubeev, Andrey Yuryevich
Actor at the Tovstonogov Academic Bolshoy Theatre.

Tomchin Grigory Alekseevich
Deputy of the RF State Duma of the third convocation; Deputy Chairman, the ST Committee of Property; Leader of the St. Petersburg division of the Right-Wing Union.

Tomoshevsky Yury Valentinovich
Producer, actor. Honoured art worker of Russia.

Treger Michael Efimovich
Bard, performing author.

Trofimov Nikolai Alekseyevich
General Director and General Constructor of Special Machines Construction Bureau (SMCB).

Trofimov Nikolai Nikolayevich

Triodin, Vladimir Yevgenyevich
Chairman of the St.Petersburg Separation of the Russian Cultural Workers' Union.

Trofimov, Sergei Nikolayevich
President of "RESTEK" Exhibiting Association.

Troyanovsky, Vadim Ivanovich

Trusov Yury Vasiljevich
Director General, JSC Lenptizeprom; Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs (Employers); Chairman of the Administration of the Leningrad Region Union of Agricultural Manufactures; author of numerous articles on farming industry problems.

Tsapu Leonid Ivanovich
Director General, JSC Petrotrest.

Tsaturov Herbert Robertovich
Chief executive of Leningrad Shipbuilding factory "Pella".

Tsekhomskaya Natalia
An artist, a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Contemporary Art (SPACA), a member of the Russian Artist's Union.

Tsereteli Elena Otarievna
Chairwoman of St. Petersburg Mechant's Club regional social organization.

Tsivin Konstantin Eduardovich
Chief Executive Officer of the «Dom Laverna» Chain Store

Tyulkin, Victor Arkadyevich
First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Russian Workers Communist Party.

Tumanov Vladimir

Turchak Anatoly Aleksandrovich
Candidate of Technical Sciences, President of "Leninets" holding company.

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