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Alashkin Pavel Alexandrovich

   Journalist. Born on September 23, 1974 in St. Petersburg. In 1996 has graduated from Russian State University of Education with a major in bio-chemistry. During his student years P. Alashkin worked for the university monthly "Educational News" (1991-1992), "Radio Baltica" (1992-1993), "Radio Modern" (1993-1994), and for the program "No Name" on St. Petersbug television station (1995). After graduation P. Alashkin realized his first project: the newspaper "Help." This publication was the first of its kind, for it introduced its readers to various materials on computers, criminal life and narratives about the adventurous undertakings of its journalists. In 1997 Pavel Alashkin was transferred to St. Petersburg administration, where he worked as a press-secretary for a period of six months. After that he was invited to work for "Techno Press" publicaiton as an editor-in-chief of the "Computer Newspaper" which continued the working standards of the newspaper "Help." Since 1998 P. Alashkin has been working in Moscow, at first for the "Computer and Life" magazine, and then for the "Open Systems" publishing house, where he began to publish his own magazine "Complete PC."

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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