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Aladushkin Aleksandr Nikolayevich

   Chairman of "Lenstroimaterialy" Investments and Financing Group's administrative board.
   Aleksandr Aladushkin was born on July 4, 1966 in the town of Angren, Tashkent region, Uzbekistan. In 1979 he has moved to the Leningrad region.
   In 1985 A. Aladushkin graduated with excellence from Leningrad's Aviation Devices and Automatics Technical School. After serving in the military for two years, he completed the course of study in the North-Western Correspondence Polytechnic Institute, specializing in economic analysis. In 1993 he has attended the Interdepartmental Continued Education Institute at St. Petersburg's University of Economics and Finance.
   Aleksandr Nikolayevich began his working career in 1985 at the position of senior technologist at "Pirometr" factory ("Electroautomatika" production association). He has remained a technologist by calling until today. Since that time, A. Aladushkin has been constantly raising his qualification theoretically, by studying by correspondence, and practically, by working at various enterprises and elevating through the work hierarchy.
   In 1992 Aleksandr Nikolayevich was one of the founders of St. Petersburg's emerging share market. In 1992-1996 he worked as Manager and Chairman of JSC "Lenstroimaterialy Broker's Firm"'s administrative board. Since 1996 till 1997 he was Chairman of JSC "Lenstroy-Invest-Management"'s administrative board and authorized representative of the Leningrad region's government's consulting company. Since 1996 A. Aladushkin is member of St. Petersburg's Industry and Construction Bank's revision commission. Since 1996 he has been St. Petersburg Mayor's Councillor on issues of economics and finance. In 1997-1999 he has been Deputy Chairman of JSC "Industry and Construction Bank" (St. Petersburg). Since 1999 until the present he has been Chairman of JSC "Lenstroimaterialy" Production Association's Board of Directors (St. Petersburg). In the period since 1997 till 1999 Aleksandr Aladushkin was member of the Boards of Directors of such enterprises as "Arsenal" Machine Factory, Izhorsky Factories, Kirovsky Factory, "Lentelefonstroy", "Polymerstroimaterialy", "Rot Front", First St. Petersburg Pasta Factory, "Zavodskaya" Poultry Enterprise, "Oredezh" Agricultural Firm and JSC "Medpolymer". At the present time A. Aladushkin is Chairman of the Boards of Directors of JSC "St. Petersburg Mill Complex", JSC "Poszernoprodukt" and JSC "Petmol".
   Aleksandr Aladushkin is involved in a business that aims at satisfying the most basic human demands. "Lenstroimaterialy" production association, whose Board of Directors Mr. Aladushkin is heading, has been founded in 1992. Enterprises involved in the production of construction materials joined a broker's firm to become a part of "Lenstroimaterialy" that year. First money earned in stock and bond operations were invested into these enterprises. A. Aladushkin has always considered building financial pyramids unacceptable and invested all his money into industrial growth. "Lenstroimaterialy" is structured based on the principles of a holding with the participation of a group of enterprises and companies specializing in various types of construction and finishing work. The association's output includes ready-made apartments, as well as construction materials like bricks, gravel, etc.
   Another large production enterprise headed by A. Aladushkin is the Agroindustrial Corporation, consisting of a group of interconnected agricultural, food production and processing enterprises, basing their activity on grain processing and on the utilization of its products. The output of goods includes flour, cereals, pasta, eggs, meat, poultry and dairies.
   The third direction of business activity Aleksandr Aladushkin is involved in includes finance and share market operations, consulting and insurance.
   Married, has a daughter.

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