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Bazhanov Sergej Viktorovich

The President of the International Bank of Saint Petersburg.

Sergey Viktorovich Bazhanov was born on August, 23, 1954 in St-Petersburg, Russia.

1976 - Successfully graduated the Ulyanovsk's Polytechnic Institute.

1991 - Graduated with highest honors from the financial Academy of Economics.

1992 - Manager Assistant, Volga branch of InkomBank.

1993 - Transfer to St-Petersburg branch of InkomBank and appointed Manager of North East Region's financial operations of InkomBank.

1994 - Appointed vice-president of InkomBank.

1996 - Appointed Senior vice-president of InkomBank.

1996 - Invited to hold a position of the First vice-president of the Baltoneksim Bank.

1997-1999 - Chairman Board of Directors of Baltoneksim Bank.

1999 - Appointed the President of an International Bank of St-Petersburg.

Hall of Fame:

  • A member of the Association of commercial banks of Saint Petersburg;
  • A member of the Association of the Russian banks;
  • A member of Public Affairs Section at the Governor's office of Saint Petersburg;
  • Holds the "Peter the Great" award;
  • Holds the Sacred Blagoverny Prince Daniel Moskovsky the III degree award and an award of Saint Sergey Radonezhsky for his help to the Orthodox Church of Russia;
  • Has been recognized as the best financial manager on results of 2002 poll;
  • In 2001 and 2002 has been nominated " the Banker of year " (according to " Inter press-finance ");
  • In 2002 the International bank of Saint Petersburg under the direction of Sergey Bazhanov has been recognized as "Bank of year 2002" ( according to a bureau of public relations "Republic" and the Internet Media "Rosbizneskonsalting");
  • Holds a Master of Economics Degree.

Little of his personal life: Mr. Bazhanov is married. He likes sports, especially skiing, and aqua biking.

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