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Arutyunyan Ruben Ervandovich

Director General, JSC Metrobor.

Born March 24, 1939. After graduation from the Leningrad Institute of Railroad Engineers in June 1963, started his career in Kirovsk, Murmanskaya Oblast, in the tunnel group No.1 of Lenmetrostroy (construction of Metro) as a foreman and then became the head of an underground works shift.

In 1965-1975 worked at different objects of hydraulic engineering construction, making his way from head of the site to chief engineer of the department for tunnel construction to connect the Arpa River with the Sevan Lake (48 km long).

In 1975-1993 again worked in the tunnel construction system, making his way to deputy head of production (Erevan Metrostroy).

In 1987-1990 worked in Siberia as chief engineer for construction of a 7-kilometre tunnel.

In 1993 moved to St. Petersburg, where he continued his work, this time in Leningrad Metrostroy as engineer of the engineering preparation works.

For his longstanding and conscious labour was awarded with the medal "Labour Veteran".

For successful execution of industrial tasks was awarded with diplomas, prizes.

Since 1994 Arutyunyan has been holding the post of Director General of Metrobor.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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