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Chapkis David Toyvovitch

   Literary man.
   David Toyvovitch Chapkis was born in 1930. His childhood was affected by the war years. After leaving school in 1948 the future writer entered the Shipbuilding Faculty of Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers. Then till 1959 he works as shop foreman at a shiprepair yard showing interest in gas-flame technologies, as a result of which his first book “Operation and repair of kerosene cutters” emerged. This book opened him a way to a post-graduate study in Leningrad (till 1962). Then he was the head of the institute department. Working there David Chapkis wrote and published more than 60 articles, several books and booklets connected with his scientific work. The turning point of his career was the wreckage of passenger liner “Admiral Nakhimov” in 1986. The article “Collision In a Bay” (1988) was a push towards formation of a professional writer. Science had been left behind. His multi-year labour was crowned with the book “The Death of Admiral Nakhimov” (1995).
   Further literal activities of D. Chapkis included broadcasting, publishing of articles.
   Since 1990 he with his son is occupied with blacksmithing.
   The genre of oral story-telling becomes one of his favorite. Since 1999 David Chapkis becomes the director of creative intelligentsia club “Paradise” in St. Petersburg.

   In the pictures of the photo album:
   Two classics - David Chapkis and Sergey Slonimskiy while seeing the 2000 Christmas in (January 7, 2000).
   By the fence of Admiral de Ribas tomb restored together with his son in Smolenskoye Lutheran cemetery in St. Petersburg.
   D. Chapkis in February 1958. Odessa.
   December 22, 2000. Celebrating the 70-year anniversary of David Chapkis in the Artists Union.
   Together with the painter Anatoliy Getmanskiy, against the background of Rudolf Yakhnin picture.
   Members of “Paradise” club and guests.
   In the kitchen while working at one of his books.

   The material was prepared by David Chapkis.

   Portrait - photo by G. Zemtsovskiy (Spb).

   Photo album of David Toyvovitch Chapkis

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