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Efremov, Alexander Ivanovich
Chief of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Head Quarters of St. Petersburg and Leningrad's area.

Egorov Pavel

Egorova Lubov Ivanovna
Honourary Master of Sports.

Eifman Boris Yakovlevich
Artistic Administrator of the St.-Petersburg Morden Ballet Theatre.

Ekimov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich
Honourary Master of Sports.

Eremin Alexander Konstantinovich
Director general of close corporation "DSK-3".

Ermilova Tatiana Vladimirovna
General Director of JSC "Consult" Auditing Firm.

Faddeev Ludwig Dmitrievich
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science.

Falik Yuri Alexandrovich

Eduard fon Falts-Fein
The baron

Fedorenko Valery Ivanovich
General Director of JSC "Khlebny Dom".

Fyedorov Victor
St. Petersburg author and performer.

Filatov, Oleg Vasilyevich
Consultant at St. Petersburg "Vita Bank".

Filshtinskiy Gleb Veniaminovitch
Light designer.

Firtich Georgiy Ivanovich

Florenskaya, Olga Andreyevna
Artist, graphic artist, potter.

Fomichyov, Sergej Alexandrovich
Scientific Secretary of Pushkin committee at the Russian Academy of Sciences; professor of Philology; holds a PhD degree, head of Pushkin research department at the Institute of Russian Literature "Pushkin House."

Fominichyeva Nadezhda Mikhailovna
N. M. Fominichyeva is the director of St. Petersburg Company of Classical Music.

Fox Steven

Freundlich Alisa Brunovna
Actress at the Tovstonogov Academic Bolshoy Theatre.

Furman Aleksandr Yuljevich
Director General, JSC Rikel.

Gakkel Leonid Evgenyevich

Galibov, Georgii Gavrilovich
General director of the joint-stock company "New Holland".

Gamaley Yury
The conductor of Mariinskii Theater.

Gartsman Lazar Efimovich
General Director of "St. Petersburg Concert" state philharmonic organization.

Garyugin Vladimir Aleksandrovichh
St. Petersburg Metro System unitary city enterprise.

Gaudasinsky Stanislav Leonovich
Artistic Manager at the Musorgsky Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Gauz Andrei Nikolayevich
Director of JSC "Barbaletta" Stevedore Company.

Genkin Alexander Abramovich

Gerasimenko Sergei
Artist working in the monumental style.

Gergiev, Valerii Abisalovich
The artistic director and the leading conductor of Mariinskii Theater.

Glazanov Valentin Evgenjevich
Singer, composer, bard.

Glazkov Vadim Petrovich
President of close corporation "Petersburg's Fuel Corporation".

Golman Vladimir Mikhaylovich
President of St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies, Deputy of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

Goloshchyokin David Semyonovich
Jazz musician and arranger.

Golubev Anatoly Nikolayevich
Director of the Leningrad Industrial Science Research Communications Institute (LISRCI).

Golubeva Lidia Vladimirovna
Director of the Creative Association of embroidery craftsmen "Lilia".

Golyavkin, Victor Vladimirovich
Writer, artist.

Gorbach, Vladimir Dmitrievich
General director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Shipbuilding Technology (CNIITS).

Gorbenko, Vladislav Ivanovich
General Director of the APEC agency.

Gorbovskii Gleb Yakovlevich

Gorodnitsky Alexander Moiseevich
Poet, composer.

Gorynin Igor Vasilyevich
Full Member of the Academy of the Russian Academy of Sience.Head of the Central Scientific Institute of Constructional Materials 'Prometey'.

Grabovets Leonid Gerasimovich
Director General Almaz Shipbuilding Company

Gradova Dina Alexandrovna
Manager of the Central show-room "Manege".

Granin (Herman) Daniil Alexsandrovich

Grebenshikov Boris Borisovich
Singer, composer, poet.

Gref German Oskarovich
Minister of Trade and Economic Development

Gribkov Stanislav
Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of St. Petersburg TV and Radio Choir, Professor, Accomplished Art Worker of Russia.

Grishanov, Vladimir Vasilievich
Admiral, Ex-Vice-Governor of St.Petersburg - Head of the Board of Administrative Agencies of St.Petersburg Administration.

Gronsky, Vladimir Genadyevich
General Director and Chief Editor of the "Vecherny Petersburg" newspaper.

Grudzinskii, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Director of the Television Research Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor.

Grustilin Yuri Vladimirovich
Director of Baltic Regional Social Culture and Education Fund. One of the authors of "Personalities of St. Petersburg" Internet project.

Gryzlov Boris Vyacheslavovich
Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Gusev Vladimir Alexsandrovich
Director of the Russian State Museum, an art critic.

Guz Vladislav Stanislavovich
Vice President of JSC "Alpha Bank". Deputy Manager of Alpha Bank's St. Petersburg branch.

Hachatryan, Saribek Saakovich
General director of "Plastpolymer" company, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Heifetz, Semyon Aleksandrovich
Attorney of the St. Petersburg City Bar.

Kheiphits, Mikhail Vechiaslavovich
General Director of the Joint-Stock Company "Middle and Large Tonnage Shipbuilding Concern".

Highday Victor Jurjevich
President of the Scientific-Humanitarian Firm PETERLEN, the author and head of the Socio-Ecological International Project "WORLD OPENING", doctor of philosophy, professor of ecological strategy, academician.

Hilkevich, Vitaly Andreevich
President of the "Spectron - OPTEL" company.

Hill, Eduard Anatolyevich

Hopova Ludmila Ivanovna
Director, the Studio of L.I. Hopova.

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