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Astafieva Galina

   Photographic artist.
   Galina Astafieva was born in Novosibirsk, Siberia. She has lived in St. Petersburg for 20 years. She has dreamed of being an artist, a movie director and a theatre critic as a child. She graduated from the Leningrad State University's Faculty of Journalism and later from the Moscow Literature Institute.
   In 1993 she has visited Koktebel, Crimea for the first time and since then it became an important part of her life. She loves photographing the area's beautiful natural settings, comparing the process to painting. She thinks nature is always interesting and significant aesthetically because it "does not pose", it is always alive.
   Galina Astafieva has been roaming the Karadag mountains since 1996 with a primitive camera. She believes it is not important how the picture is taken. The main thing is what the eye sees, that is what makes up the composition of the shot.
   Aside from photography, Galina Astafieva writes fairy tales. Some of their titles are: "The Little Bit", "Magic Tip-toes", "The Sprinked Tree", "Papasol the Cat and the Goldfish". There is also a detective story about the Wicked Witch's mortar. All this work is still unpublished, awaiting its time. She has already found an artist to illustrate her work. She hopes the book can be published when the illustrations are ready.
   Elena Kamburova is among Galina's favourites in the artistic world. She has become acquainted with her a year ago and continues to be fascinated by her talent. She calls her "a tuning-fork", by which she tunes her life.

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