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Aleksandrov Vadim Nikolayevich

   General Director of Metrostroy, the St. Petersburg Metro Construction Society.
   Born February 21, 1941. His father, Nikolai Nikolayevich Aleksandrov was the commander of a special guards division called "Katyusha" at the Chief Headquarters and died in combat in March 1942. His mother, Olga Dmitrievna, is a primary school teacher, his wife, Lyubov Sergeyevna, engineer by profession, is presently a housewife. His daughter Olga, born in 1968, is a teacher, his son Nikolai - a student.
   V.N. Aleksandrov has graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Railroad Transportation Engineering as an engineer of bridges and tunnels.
   Since 1963 he has been working at the St. Petersburg Metro system construction sites. He has started as a shift foreman and gone all the way up to Chief of the Construction Board and General Director. He has participated in the construction of every metro line in St. Petersburg. He supervised the works of the Lenmetrostroy 3rd tunnel team during the construction of the Yerevan subway system, participated in the building of rail lines in Moscow, Kiev and Tashkent. Under his management in December 1980 - January 1981 a high-speed construction of an auxhiliary tunnel was carried out, with the record speed of 1,250 meters of tunnel in 30 days achieved. This achievement has never been beaten anywhere in the world.
    V.N. Aleksandrov is one of the designers of the unique one-vault two-storey "Sportivnaya" transfer station, opened to passengers in September 1997. He actively participates in the development and application of anti-subsidence construction technologies for large-scale underground structures, which is extremely important for construction in high-density city areas.
   He is an active member of the international Tunnel Association, a member of the Association's Presidium and its Technical Expertise Council. Decisions on costructing various subway lines in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Alta-Ata, Minsk and Yerevan have been made with his participation.
   Through Mr. Aleksandrov's efforts, all-Russian and international conferences and seminars on issues of technology, quality and the economical aspects of underground construction have been held.
   Member of the Transport Academy with a Doctor of Transport title. Went through professional training in the area of construction management at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. Possesses a state certificate for professional practice in the area of construction. Author of 9 inventions and 35 improvements in the area of subway building.
   For successful completion of construction tasks he has been awarded the titles of "Honorary Transportation Builder" and "Accomplished Construction Worker of Russia", became a laureate of the U.S.S.R. Ministry Council Award. He has been granted many of the Soviet Union's and Russia's official awards, including the Order "For Service to the Country".
   During the period of his leadership (as First Deputy Chief, Main Engineer, Chief and General Director) of the Metro Construction Society, the organization has completed and opened for passenger use 19.68 kilometers of underground rail lines and 10 ststions.
   V.N. Aleksandrov does not think that "the end justifies the means", he believes that the most important principle in interpersonal relations is honestyand morality. He thinks his work in Russia is difficult, but interesting. He considers the fact that he was able to preserve Metrostroy's team during difficult economic periods,one of his major successes. He has accomplished this even though underground construction work is ranked among the hardest and most hazardous professions. One often has to work in extreme circumstances that require courage and good decision- making.
   In his free time, which is almost non-existent, he likes to read I.S. Turgenev's "Hunter's Tales".
   Enjoys hunting and fishing.

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