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Vadim Bibergan

Composer. Meritorious Artist of Russian Federation. Member of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers, Vadim Bibergan graduated from the Ural Conservatory in forte-piano and composition classes in 1961. Passed to the Leningrad Conservatory to do his post-graduate studies under the professorship of D.D. Shostakovich from 1968 Bibergan was teaching the art of composition at the Ural Conservatory, and from 1978 he has become professor of the St. Petersburg Culture and Arts University.

V. Bibergan works in various genres : theatrical, symphonic, chamber, songs; music with Russian folk instruments.

The composer's name is famous with the cinema goers - the number of films with his music has crossed the amount of 60. Many years of creative cooperation binds Bibergan with G. Panfilov, the producer. Vadim Bibergan wrote music to all of the producer's films; the most popular are - "The Beginning", "Mother", "Theme", "Vassa", "The Romanovs. The halo bearing family". Besides them, Bibergan's work for the cinema industry comprises music composition to the films -- "The Game of Preference on Fridays" with "The second attempt of Victor Krokhin" (I. Sheshukov, the producer), "Chicha" (V. Melnikov, the producer), "Forgive Me" (E. Yasan, the producer), "In the Midway to Paris" (Y. Lapshin, the producer), "Come to See Me" (O. Yankovsky and M. Agranovich, the producers). Songs from these films live their own, concert life, and are performed by outstanding singers, together with other songs of Bibergan. These songs can be recognized in the programs of the Russian variety art masters, such as I. Kobzon, E. Khil, V. Tolkunova, E. Kamburova, and others.

Of particular importance among its listeners are V. Bibergan's compositions for the Russian folk instruments. His "Russian larks" suite is especially popular for its innovational spirit and possibilities to use in versatility national folk instrumentation. Dmitry Shostakovich wrote about the latter that he "enjoys them greatly".

V. Bibergan was the one who restored and partly orchestrated "Balda" ballet based on Dmitry Shostakovich music for the cartoon on the famous fairy-tale of Pushkin, "The Telling About A Priest And His Worker Balda". The ballet's premiere took place on June 9, 1999, in the Russia's Grand Theatre. Libretto master and choreographer for the ballet was V. Vasilyev.

V. Bibergan is not only a composer but a brilliant performer, too. For many years he has been performing in the staff of a forte-piano diet, together with famous pianist V. Palmov. In the duet's repertoire are the compositions from the golden fund of forte-piano literature, as well as the compositions of modern masters, including Bibergan himself. For his work for a forte-piano ensemble, the composer was awarded the Grand-Prix and the Second Premium at the International Composers' Contest in Japan (1993).

Bibergan is often present among the jury at the international, regional and city children and youth, forte-piano and composers contests.

Bibergan's compositions make part of the repertoire of many famous musicians, they can be heard in various cities of Russia, Germany, USA, England, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Japan, Brazil, and in many others.

The emotional brightness, wonderful naturalness and artistic lightness of his creative activities mark in him individual traits as well. "He feels, thinks and writes in grand; his individual "I" is feasible as part of a big real world. His acute intelligence is highly perceptive and independent. His deep nature can be distinguished for firm and mature thought" - such are the commendations about him of the Russia's central magazine, "The Soviet Music".

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