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Bril Beniamin Vladimirovich

    Attorney of the St. Petersburg City Bar.
   Works in the city's public defense system since 1946. He is considered an outstanding public defense worker countrywide. Specializing in criminal defense cases, Beniamin Vladimirovich proves himself to be a sophisticated law expert, a brilliant master of court eloquence, a wise and courageous defender of human dignity and civil rights.
   Beniamin Bril is an officer of one of the units of the Leningrad Fleet, having dozens of military orders and medals.
   In 1997 B.V. Bril has been awarded the "Lawyer of the Year" prize by the Presidium of the St. Petersburg City Bar. In 1998 Beniamin Vladimirovich has been awarded the F. Plevako Gold medal "for outstanding accomplishments in the defense of citizens' rights and freedoms" by Russia's community of public defense attorneys.
   This year the City Bar has nominated Beniamin Vladimirovich a candidate for a premium "for achievements in law studies and practice" in the "law practice" category. B.V. Bril has also been nominated for an award "for many years of scrupulous work as an attorney specializing in criminal defense, for an important contribution to the development of public defense organizations in St. Petersburg and all Russia".

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