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Dubov Konstantin Sergeevich

    Dubov Konstantin Sergeevich, General Director of the State Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg", member of the regional social organization "Social Advisory Board on the Engineering Life Sustenance Systems of St. Petersburg".
   Born on December 25, 1961, graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute in 1987, subsequently - in 1992 - from the College of Business Technology. He is married, has a son and a daughter. His hobbies include sports, particularly basketball and cycling.
   Mr. Dubov began his career as an engineer at the "Impulse" company, since 1993 held various administrative positions at the Precise Mechanics Scientific Research Institute, in 1998 headed the State Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg".
   Currently the "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg" provide heat to 15300 general-purpose buildings through 5000 km of pipe networks and 587 boiler rooms (from 9 to 730 MWtt in power). The enterprise provides about 50% of the heat energy in the communal municipal sector of the city, generating approximately 17million Gcal annually.
   411 boiler houses operate on natural gas, 92 - on coal. Modernization or liquidation of the latter is one of the goals of the company's technical policy at present.
   About 20 million Gcal of heat energy is realized to customers. There are 15 heat-providing divisions (practically one for each city district), and 9 branches that are responsible for restoration and repair work, building, transport, construction and general technical and social support for the enterprise.
   "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg" actively participates in advancing heat-providing networks in accordance with the general plan of the city development. According to the international experts'' estimates, the amount of international investments into this sector of city planning may exceed 1 billion US$. With the active help of the Consulate General of Denmark, "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg" cooperates very closely with the DEA (Danish Energy Agency), participates in the Baltic regional program BASEC (Baltic Sustainable Energy Cities), interacts with EU and USA partners.
   A lot of attention is paid to the employees' social needs - recreational facilities for adults and children exist in the Leningrad region, and a sports competition is held annually for the workers.
   Presently State Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg" is one of the largest heat-providing organizations of the North-Western region. It has been awarded the title "The best organization in the realization of the reform of the municipal sector" for 1998.

   State Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg"
   190000, Saint - Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya Ul, 12
   Tel: 312-58-66
   Fax: 314-53-54

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