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Dragan Vasiliy Mikhailovich

   General Director of Joint Stock Company "Sparkling Wines".
   Professional wine-maker.
   Born March 3, 1964 in Moldavia.
   Graduated from the Kishinev Polytechnic Institute, majoring in 'Technology of wine-making'.
   Married with son and daughter.
   His credo: to get good wine you have to know how to do wine.
   All-sufficient, self-motivated and responsible for his actions and his business.
   Dragan rates highly honesty and professionalism. He is inclined to believe that it would be impossible to become a professional if you do not love your work.
   Vasiliy Mikhailovich says that every good wine is unique. However he prefers dry Cabernet.
   Wine-making is one of the key industries in Moldavia. According to Vasiliy Mikhailovich wine-making expects experience, initiative, big money inputs and the knowledge of technology. That is why he is trying to go into all details of wine-making and wine-trading himself.
   He is even well-known in Moldavia. He became his career as a director of a winery in a small farm. Then he has become general director of the Moldavia Wine-makers Association 'Dagia-Phoenix" and later the president of 'Classic Wine' company.
   He has long contacts with JSC "Sparkling Wines" - the producer of 'Lev Golicin' and 'Saint-Petersburg' champagne, made of premium Moldavia grape. This close cooperation with leading companies of Saint-Petersburg has begun in 1999 when Vasiliy Mikhailovich Dragan has been elected a Chairman of Board of Directors. In April,2001 he filled a position of director of this company.
   Recently there was a lot of changes in the factory - new equipment and Italian filling line were set. For the last year sales volume has increased on 12%. The structure of the production has been changed. New collections of wines were produced. Soon the factory will start to produce cognac, technological line for filtration and cold and new filling line for wine, cognac and champagne (its total cost is 2,4 million dollars) will be set.
   Joint Stock Company "Sparkling Wines" took part in many city and international exhibitions: "Saint-Petersburg 300", "Russian Farmer" and "ProdExpo-2000" where some of its wines were awarded. The company plays an important part in many culture, economy, social and sport events.
   Joint Stock Company "Sparkling Wines" constantly extends its range of wines. In 2001 a new collection of wines was presented .
   'The factory has a great potential', - says its general director 'however we will have to spend a lot of money to promote our new products. We have a lot of things to become one of the best brands in Russia'.

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