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Dotsenko Vitaly Dmitrievich

   Well-known naval historian and book collector, Candidate of Historical Studies (1985), Professor (1994), first rank captain (1989). Member of St. Petersburg History of Science and Technology Academy, acting member of the Russian Georgaphic Sociaety, member of the Russian Navy Officers' Association's Council.
   Born in 1948. Graduated from M.V. Frunze Higher Naval School in 1972. Graduated from St. Petersburg Naval Academy in 1980.
   Vitaly Dotsenko commanded an artillery military unit, was Assistant Commander and then Commander of a Northern Fleet trawler in 1972-1978.
   Since 1980 he has worked as lecturer, senior lecturer and professor at the Department of Naval Arts History of the Naval Academy. Since 2000 he has been working as senior lecturer at the Navy's Department of Operation Arts.
   Chairman of the Military History Section at the Russian Academy's of Sciences St. Petersburg House of Scholars since 1989. Member of scholarly councils at the Russian Navy's State Archive, at the Central Naval Museum and at the Central Naval Library.
   In 1994-1995 Vitaly Dotsenko worked as member of an expert's council on publishing science and technology literature at the Russian Federation's State Defense Industry Committee. Member of editorial teams of the 5-volume "History of Russian Shipbuilding", of the 3-volume "Naval Reference Dictionary" and of the 6-volume "Naval Encyclopaedia". Author of over 800 publications, including 13 cinema scripts, 71 books and brochures, 120 articles in collective publications and magazines, over 500 articles in dictionaries, encyclopaedias and reference books. Scientific editor of 10 books, creator of 8 collections of scientific articles.
   His most significant works include "The Sunken Ones. Battle Damages Done to Ships after 1945", "Signs and Tokens of the Russian Emperor's Fleet. 1696-1917" (awarded an honorary diploma of the National Book Contest in 1993), "Russian Emperor's Fleet. 1696-1917", "Russian Naval Uniform. 1696-1917", "Naval Temples of Russia", "Russian Armored Navy. 1863-1917", "History of Russian Shipbuilding" (volume 1), "Navy. War. Victory. 1941-1945" (named the best book of the year in 1995 by the Russian Federation's Committee on Publishing, awarded a first degree diploma), "Russian Navy Admirals", 'Three Centuries of the Russian Navy. 1696-1996" (3 volumes), "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (named the best book of the year in 1996 by the Russian Federation's Committee on Publishing, awarded a first degree diploma), "Vsevolod Evgenievich Egoriev", "History of the Russian Navy. 1696-1917", "Naval Dictionary for Young People", "Russia's Ocean Shield", "Myths and Legends of the Russian Naval History" "Biographic Dictionary of the Navy" "History of Naval Arts" (volume 1), "The Story of My Collection", "Naval Costume: History and Traditions", "The Attack Near Sinai Shores", "Myths and Legends of the Russian Navy", and "Navies in Local Wars".
   Vitaly Dotsenko was awarded the Order "for service to the country in U.S.S.R. military forces" of the third degree.

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