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Antonov Vladimir Stepanovich

The member of the government, the head of the Central borough.

Born on February 6 1946 in Leningrad.

Started his career in 1961 as a cutter (the plant named after Kulakov A.A.). Starting from 1968 worked for Oktabrskaja Railway.

After military service in 1982 he graduated from Leningrad institute of the railway engineers named after academic Obraztsov V.L., specialised in automatics, telemechanics and communication on the railways. In 1999 he graduated from the North-West Academy of public service.

He was elected the deputy head and the head of the executive committee of Smolninsk region Council. He was appointed the head of Smolninsk regional administration.

In March 1994 he became the deputy head and in October 1995 - the head of the administration then the head of the territorial government of Central borough, that has been the winner of the city competition for the best complex maintenance of the city six times.

Vladimir S. Antonov is "The honoured worker of the secondary education of Russian Federation", the member of the city staff for the maintenance.

Married, has a son and a daughter.

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