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Drukh Igor Eduardovich

Drukh Igor Eduardovich is member of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers. He was born in Leningrad in 1966. Drukh graduated from the State, Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in 1992 on a composition class of professor A. D. Mnatsakanyan. Igor Drukh's interests cover, first of all, a chamber music with its programmed images. Igor Drukh as a composer gets his inspiration from different arts - painting, architecture and sculptural art. To express the content of his work in terms of reality -- the composer uses the newest modes of musical technique.

Igor Drukh is member of international master-courses conducted in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Russia, under the guidance of such famous composers as P. Ditrikh, Lakhenman, M. Kopytman, E. Denisov, S. Slonimsky.

The music of Drukh has been frequently performed at the international festivals of modern music; in the town of Vrotslav (in Poland), in Klaipeda (Lithuania), in Zaltsburg (Austria), Enskhede (Holland), in St. Petersburg, Moscow.

As a popular composer Igor Drukh frequently gets orders from various chamber music collectives and solists, among them are: "Alea" group of Boston University (artistic director and conductor is T. Antonioy), "Mozarteum" string quartet from Zaltsburg, "Arditty" string quartet from Berlin, the Rimsky-Korsakov string quartet from St. Petersburg, "Musica da camera" ensemble from St. Petersburg (P. Elyashevich is artistic director), "Modern" trio from Moscow, and many others.

Igor Drukh is also an author of music for theatre pieces performed at the Mironov entreprise theatre and the Comedy Theatre, music for circus performances; he did mutual work with E. Denisov for "Tzar Chase", movie produced by A. Melnikov.

A particular direction in versatile creative nature of the composer represent his performing activities - as pianist and performer of jazz. Igor Drukh participated in international jazz-festivals, he has contact with re-known American jazz pianist A. Brubek.

His principal work is:

  • a concert for forte-piano with orchestra, 1986.
  • 3 choirs on ancient folk texts, 1983.
  • a theme and 10 variations for forte-piano, 1982/1995, published in 2002, ed. "Compozitor".
  • a passakalia for string orchestra and bass-guitar, 1992.
  • a reg-caprichchio for a trumpet and forte-piano, 1991.
  • a string quartet for the memory of Claudia Tsvetkova, 1992.
  • a concert-symphony for violin and orchestra, 1993.
  • a forte-piano sonata #1, "Classical", 1989.
  • "The Chapel Skroven'i Frescos" for two forte-pianos, 1982.
  • "A negro boy with balalaika", a small suite for balalaika and forte-piano, 1996.
  • a requiem written for "a cappella" choir, 1995.
  • "Galateya"composition for a solo cello, 2002.
  • "Seven Sacrements" for a chamber ensemble, 1996-2000.
  • "Kant-vivat" for a chamber ensemble, 2000.
  • "Pan's Danses", a composition for flute and forte-piano, 2002.

The overwhelming majority of Igor Drukh work has been recorded and edited by various Russian and foreign recording companies.

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