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Renzhin, Nikolay Georgievich

    Director of the hotel "Okhtinskaya".
    He was born in February 18th, 1939 in the village Darovskiy, Kirovskiy region. He graduated from the Leningrad Trade Institute, economics department in 1962. His working record of service is more than 30 years. And he has been working in tourism and hotel business for 20 years. He had been the head of the hotel " Gavana" for a long time. Since 1990 ha has been the director of the hotel " Okhtinskaya", Russian - French joint - venture " Victoria". He was at the head of the hotel construction, its exploitation and organization of financing. He studied hotel and restaurant management, methods and traditions of tourist services in the leading hotel systems abroad. Nikolay Renzhin had a professional training in the best hotels of the USA, Germany, India, Italy.
    Today the hotel " Okhtinskaya" is one of the best hotels in St. Petersburg of its rank. The hotel offers a very wide range of services according to international standarts for moderate prices. Nikolay Renzhin managed to create the special favorable atmosphere of hospitality and experienced work of hotel`s personnel. He is experienced enough to work with a big group of people, and he tries to use all methods of management in his work. He carried out many new technological elements regarding hotel services and food. The hotel " Okhtinskaya" is famous for its good stable image among the Russians and foreigners. Many high - ranking people, diplomatic officials, famous businessmen and manufacturers from different countries of the world chose this hotel and became its permanent clients.
    N. Renzhin has a military rank and he is a recipient of the order and two medals. He is very famous in the hotel business in St. Petersburg and in Russia. He supports some educational istitutions of tourist education system. He orginizes practical training and practice for students. Also he leads the projects for degree. As a big specialist in the native hotel management, N. Renzhin takes part in the methodical work and preparation of professional scientific publication. He contributed to the development of knowledge and ideas in the sphere of hotel business.
    His hobbies are: skiing in winter and fishing anytime. The main thesis and credo in the hotel business: " It is quite easy to gain one - time success, it is harder to keep, to maintain and to develop the reached level. Our task is everyday hard work, but not one0time achievements. And this work should be directed to the constant and reasonable improvement of every started business".

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