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Shubarev Maksim Valerjevich

   Shubarev Maksim Valerjevich, Founder and President of Petersburg Realty Corporation; Vice-President, the holding company Leninez. Born in Leningrad, in 1968.
   Father: Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Director General of the large scientific and production company, laureate of a state award.
   Mother: senior manager at Admiralty Shipyards.
   His labour activity began right after school by working as radio-equipment fitter at the scientific and production merger Leninez. At the same time he attended evening classes in the Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrument-Making. Served in the Navy.
   In 1989 moved to the Polytechnic Institute, the faculty established by Leninez, where he organized AIESEC Committee. Actively went in for sports: wrestling and boar-racing. In 1994 registered the finance and construction company Petersburg Realty.
   In 1999 he became President of Petersburg Realty Corporation.
   At present Petersburg Realty Corporation is:

  • Finance and construction company Petersburg Realty, established in 1994;
  • The centre of projects development Petersburg Realty, registered in March 1995;
  • Petersburg Realty Agency, founded in October 1995;
  • The management company Petersburg Realty, registered in 1998;
  • The construction company Petersburg Realty, established in 2000.

   A thought-out strategy, high informational support, a staff of high-skilled specialists, competent management of resources and rigid control of costs - all this allowed the Corporation to occupy a stable position at each direction of activity.
   Nowadays Petersburg Realty Corporation is:

  • a large builder;
  • a largest broker of residential buildings realization - selling flats in more than a hundred houses under construction (in St. Petersburg);
  • a recognized leader in operations with housing resources - in 2001 Petersburg Realty Agency was awarded with a diploma of the Best Brokerage Firm in Russia;
  • a large supplier of construction materials;
  • a leader in realty management - the total area under its management equals 100 000 sq. m.;
  • a consultant of the Capital Construction Fund of the St. Petersburg Administration;
  • a member of the St. Petersburg Association of House-Builders;
  • a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies Soyuzpetrostroy;
  • a member of the St. Petersburg Association of Realtors;
  • a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Manufactures and Entrepreneurs;
  • a member of the Expert Council of Construction Companies Reliability Determination;
  • the corporation participated in the exhibition of investment projects MIPIM in Cannes, acted as the general sponsor of the III and a sponsor of the IV National Realty Congresses;
  • three times won city public award for its contribution into realty market development, became a laureate of the contest "Professional Recognition-2001".

   The distinguishing feature of Maksim V. Shubarev's character is never to stop: the companies forming the Corporation have achieved a lot, but even more is yet to come.

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