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Shenderovich Yakov Efimovich

   General Director of Keramika ("Ceramics") Scientific Production Enterprise.
   Born on May 8, 1941 in Zhmerinka, in the Vinnitza region. Graduated from the Kamenets-Podolsky Industrial Technical School in 1960. Received the diploma of the Leningrad Institute of Railroad Transportation Engineering as a mechanical engineer in 1974.
   He has been working in the construction industry since 1968. Since 1986 he has been Chief Engineer of JTC Keramika.
   He has been elected People's Deputy at the city's district Deputy Council. A deputy of local self-government's representative boards. Awarded the "Honorary Construction Worker of Russia" badge.
   Married, has a daughter and a granddaughter.
   The history of Keramika has originated in 1936 with the construction of a new factory at a location where a manual-work facility used to exist in late 1920's. In 1988 Keramika gains independence by becoming the first privately owned co-operative enterprise in the city and one of the first ones in the country.
   Today Keramika is the only brick factory within city limits. More than half-a-century's worth of experience in ceramic brick-making by the method of plastic shaping, as well as the factory's modern technological basis, allow it to produce nearly 60 models of high-quality bricks and ceramics of various sizes and shades. Keramika is the industry's leader in terms of production effectiveness and it currently dominates the North-Western region's market of construction materials.
   In 1998 the company has begun the serial production of high- effectiveness brick materials. These bricks have unique physical characteristicssuch as their heat protectiveness, twice higher than usual, which allows to the construction of housing with walls only 51 cm thick in St. Petersburg weather conditions. Keramika's bricks have been patented in 1998 by the Russian Federation Patent and Trademark Committee.
   Keramika became the first enterprise in Russia to receive a compliance certificate for the maximal possible term, by passing a voluntary brick certification examination in 1996. Keramika's successes in the areas of product quality and services have been marked by national and international awards. In 1998 Keramika has been included in "Russia's top 1,000 enterprises" almanach and became the only enterprise in the construction industry to receive the Russian Government's diploma "For significant quality achievements".
   Under Ya.E. Shenderovich's leadership, the company's goal is to output products meeting today's world quality standards.

   Keramika's address:
   192241, Russia, St. Petersburg, Yuzhnoye Shosse, 55.
   telephones: (7-812) 296-3676, (7-812) 106-0050
   fax: (7-812) 296-3676

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