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Stolpovskih, Vladimir

   The Director of The Concert Choir of the Saint-Petersburg M. Moussorgsky National Opera (Ballet).
   The Director of the The Concert Choir of the Saint-Petersburg M. Moussorgsky National Opera (Ballet) was born on March the 2nd, of 1948 in Novosibirsk, Russia. He had started his musical career since he turned 16 years old. In 1986 he was invited to St-Petersburg to accept the position of the Director of the Television and Radio Choir.
   He had worked closely with many prominent artists such as Petrov, Slonimsky, Gavrilin, Sapozhnikov, Shumilov, Uspensky and recorded a lot of radio shows to be heard by many of St-Petersburg's local radio listeners. From 1990 to 1998 Mr. Stolpovskyh have recorded 10 musical compact disks of the various composers, among which are the old Russian Classical theme "Alexander Nevsky".

   Beginning with 1991, besides his work for the St-Petersburg's Radio station, Mr. Stolpovskih have become the Glinka Academy Youth Choir conductor. He was also invited to the United States to participate "Arcady" festival. The concerts were given in Washington DC, New York (UN Building), Philadelphia and many other American and European cities. Mr. Vladimir Stolpovskih is equally at home in the operatic repertoire and has recently appeared at both the Tallinn Opera (Estonia) and Mariinsky Theatre (St-Petersburg, Russia).

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