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Romanov, Victor Yegorovich

Rector of St.Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.
    Chairman of the Council of the Chancellors of St.Petersburg High Schools.
    Born September 15, 1937in Leningrad.
    Graduated in the Technology of Garments at the Leningrad Kirov Textile and Light Industry Institute in 1963.
    After graduating from the Institute worked there as a researcher, as Director of Studies, as Vice- Chancellor of Studies.
    From 1972 to1975 worked as the Adviser for High Education in Algeria. And in 1975 he returned to the Institute and managed the Constructing and Technology of Garments Faculty. From 1986- Vice- Chancellor of Studies. In 1988 was elected Chancellor of the University.
    Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Full Member of the International and Russian Engineering Academies and the International Academy of Science of High School.
    Author of more than 150 scientific articles, 32 inventions, 13 author's industrial designs.
    Vice- President of Russian Union o Chancellors.
    President of the Leningrad "Region" Association of Textile and Light Industry Enterprises.
    Chairman of the Head Council on the Consumer goods Technology at the Ministry of High and Vocational Education.
    Honourary Worker of Science and Engineering of Russia (1993).
    Was Deputy of Kuybyshev district Council (1967- 1972, 1977- 1984).
    Awarded the Red Banner Order of Labour (1981), medals.
    Honourary Master of Sports.
    Bronze Prize- Winner of the Olympics on Cycling.
    Married with two sons.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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