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Sautov Ivan Petrovich

   Director of the State Reservation Museum "Tsarskoye Selo". Born on September 16, 1947 in Tallinn, Estonia, in a military officer's family. Graduated from the Leningrad Engineering and Construction Institute, specializing in Architecture.
   His 27 years of uninterrupted work have been devoted to theoretical and practical activities aimed at the preservation and restoration of St. Petersburg's and its suburbs' architectural landmarks.
   Having for 13 years headed the State Inspection for Landmark Preservation, Sautov has made significant contributions to the inclusion of new buildings in the lists of landmarks protected by state law, to the development of special protection zones and zones of regulated construction, to the introduction of new protection categories, and the perfection of related legislature.
   I.P. Sautov has in 1984 been awarded the golden National Achievements medal.
   His architect's talents and leadership qualities have manifested themselves when he was unanimously elected Director of the "Tsarskoye Selo" Museum in 1987.
   Since Mr. Sautov's appointment, "Tsarskoye Selo" became one of the largest sites of restoration work in Russia. Its goal is the preservation of restored masterpieces in museum conditions, the development of museum infrastructure and the introduction of an alarm system that would guard Catherine's Palace and park pavillions. The alarm system is characterized by high technological advancement and the use of modern computer control devices.
   The museum's functioning is to a large degree a result of its Director's energy and devotion. New exposition areas and exhibits are constantly opened up, international ties are being established, commercial projects are under development.
   Among the museum's projects is the re-opening of Alexander's Palace with the exposition called "Memories of the Palace", the restoration of the "Chinese Village" complex in co-operation with the Danish "TK Development Pushkin" company (the only project in Russia's culture with 100% Western sponsorship), the signing of an agreement for $3.5 million sponsorship with "Rhurgas Akziengesellschaft", the completion of the Amber Chamber restoration.
   For achievements in preservation and restoration activities, I.P. Sautov was awarded the Order of Friendship by 1997 President's decree.
   I.P. Sautov is the first representative of the Russian culture to receive the Order of St. Daniel of Moscow, an award of the Russian Orthodox Church.
   Professor Sautov is Advisor to the Manager of the President's Affairs, Advisor at the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction.
   In 1997 Sautov became a laureate of the Russian Federation State Award.
   He is widely recognized both in Russia and abroad, 100 of his professional articles and 60 essays were published in Russia, the U.S., Japan, France, Germany and other countries.
   Sautov is a member of Russia's Architects Association's Board of Directors, of the Scientific Methodological Council of the Russian Ministry of Culture, of the Presidium of the St. Petersburg Culture Fund, of the Russian Committee on the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and of other professional organizations of St. Petersburg.
   His innovative work and everyday heroism is devoted to the eternal purpose of preserving Russia's culture for future generations.

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