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Shevchenko Yuri eonodovich

   Minister of Health.
   Graduate of the St. Petersburg State University, has two higher degrees.
   Born April 7, 1947 in Yakutsk. Graduated from Kirov's Military Medicine Academy in 1974.
   Served as a surgeon in the armed forces, worked as Senior Ordinator of a surgery clinic.
   In 1980 he has begun to serve at the Academy, first as a professor at the Ambulatory Surgery Department, and later as Chief of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department.
   In April 1992 he has been appointed Chief of the Military Medicine Academy.
   Doctor of Medicine, Professor. Author of more than 300 research works.
   Chief Heart Surgeon of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Head of Kupriyanov's Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic.
   Vice President of Russia's Academy of Natural Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of Russia's Academy of Medicine and Technology, of the International Academy of Ecological Sciences and Environmental Safety, of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy and the Academy of Military Studies.
   Honorary Doctor of the All-Russian Scientific Surgery Centre at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
   Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Academician of the Italian Academy of Sciences. Accomplished Professor of the U.S. University of Federal Services.
   Laureate of the state scholarship for Russia's outstanding scientists.
   Member of Russia's Cardiovascular Surgeons' Association's Administrative Board, member of the Pirogov Society, of F.G. Lang's Cardiologists' Society, of the International Military Medicine Committee.
   Awarded the Accomplished Scholar of Russia title in 1996.
   General-colonel of Medical Service.
   Married with two children.
   This information has been provided by the St. Petersburg administration's Information Centre.

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