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Tumanov Vladimir

   Graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema in 1978. From 1980 to 1990 was working as a main director at the Russian Drama Theatre in Vilnius. Since 1990 has been working as a second director at the Small Drama Theatre. Puts plays also on the other stages of Saint Petersburg: 1992 - N. Sadur's "Lunar wolves" (the Youth theatre on Fontanka), 1995 - A. Kazantsev's "This other word" (the Theatre on Vasiljevsky Island), 1996 - "Tania-Tania" (the Satire Theatre on Vasiljevsky Island). This play was awarded with "The Gold Soffit" premium. Took part in the International Theatre Festival in Helsinki. Was awarded with "The Gold Mask" premium in categories "for the best play" and "for the best directing". 1998 - N. Sadur's "Chardym" (the Baltic House), "The Running Wanderers" (the Small Drama Theatre), etc.
   "Tumanov stages modern drama paying not attention to numerous exclamations about its absence. Because plays become real drama only when somebody stages them".

(Alexander Platunov, "Petersburg Evening")

   "He (Tumanov) is able to find an adequate scenic form for the world of associations and impressions reigning in plays, where the note is not less important, than the dialogue. Where characters need thorough portrayal, but at the same time do not bear thick realistic strokes. Where heroes are not separable from the atmosphere - unsteady, nervous, ironic and absolutely authentic."
(Elena Alekseeva "The Russian idea")

   "Tumanov is a rare director who has a power field, which allows to create the steady world of illusive characters. He converts a fairy tale into a reality".
(Leonid Popov "Itogi")

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