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Radvilovitch Alexandr

Radvilovitch Alexandr was born in 1955 in Leningrad (St.Petersburg). He graduated from the St.Petersburg Conservatory where he studied piano and composition under Professor Sergey Slonimsky, afterwards he attended several Master-Courses in Poland, Germany and Holland where he obtained consultations of W.Lutoslavsky, T.de Leeuw, P.-H.Dittrich, K.Huber, B.Scheffer, B.Ferneyhough and others. Since 1990 Alexandr has been taking part in a number of International Workshops abroad; he also lectured in Berlin, Salzburg, Rheinsberg, Ulaan-Baator, Ochrid, Odessa, St.Petersburg and at summer courses in Darmstadt (in 1992, 1994) about the new music problems.

In 1989 Radvilovitch had founded International New Music Festival "SOUND WAYS" and one year later a "SOUND WAYS" seminar for composers where he is Art Director.

In 1993 Radvilovich founded Art Association, "SOUND WAYS", and in 1994 a "SOUND WAYS" company for the new music performance giving concerts in Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Mongolia and Ukraine was founded. Radvilovitch is creator of a number of successful projects of exchange.

Since 1992 a lot of piano concerts with the Russian new music program was performed in Russia, Austria, France, Germany, Macedonia, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.

Since 1996 he has been teaching in the St.-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory and in the Humanitarian University as well.


  • of the Russian Composers Society;
  • of the German Art Gilde;
  • of GEMA;
  • of Brandenburg Colloquium for New Music;
  • "Europa - Europa"Art Association.
  • of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers

President of Art Association, "Sound Ways".

  • Prize "Youth, Creativity, Mastery" (Russia, 1989)
  • Diploma of Queen Mary-Jose Competition (Switzerland, 1992)
  • Johann-Wenzel-Stamitz-Special-Prize (Germany, 1998)
  • Scolarships of the Ministry of the Culture of Russia (1996, 1999 and 2000)

Festivals where the music by A. Radvilovitch was performed:

  • "The St.Petersburg Musical Spring"
  • "Sound Ways"
  • "From the Avant-garde To the Present Days"
  • "Moscow Autumn"
  • "The Moscow Forum"
  • "Panorama of the Russian Music"
  • "Europe - Asia" (Russia)
  • "Dresden Days of New Music"
  • "Schrayaner Autumn"
  • "Percussion"
  • "Internationale Ferienkurse Darmstadt" (Germany)
  • "Mariu Klavirai" (Lithuania)
  • "Aspecte" (Austria)
  • "Arcady Music Festival" (USA)
  • "The Two Days and Two Night of New Music" (Ukraine)
  • "Roaring Hoofs" (Mongolia)
  • "Musica Nova" (Bulgaria)
  • "ArtGenda" (Denmark)
  • "Mozart and Modernity" (Switzerland)
  • "Music Factory" (Norway).

The published following works:

  • Sonata for piano /1982 Ed. Muzyca, St.Petersburg
  • A Legend about Violinist /1984 Ed. Muzyca, St.Petersburg
  • Unusual Tales /1984 Ed. Orphee, Columbus USA
  • Concerto for English Horn and String Orchestra /1986, Ed. Compozitor, St.Petersburg
  • Chamber Concerto for harpsichord and strings /1987 Ed. Compozitor, St.Petersburg
  • De profundis temporum for two pianos 1991/92 Ed. Compozitor, St.Petersburg
  • Children Pieces for piano /1991 Ed. Compozitor, St.Petersburg
  • "Eight Lullabies for A Foolish Little Mouse" for a piano from Children pieces /1992, Amsterdam
  • Sa(e)iten for piano / 1994 Ed. Ut, St.Petersburg
  • Fairy-tales for piano / 2000 Ed. Lan, St.Petersburg
Alexandr Radvilovitch's List of Works

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