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Semendyayev Boris Vasilievich

   General Director of the Electrode Factory Ltd.
   Boris Vasilievich has been working at the Factory for more than 30 years, having gone through all steps of the professional hierarchy, from a technician to Factory Director. He completed his higher education and received his Candidate's Degree in the Technical Sciences while continuing to work.
   n his work, Boris Vasilievich emphasizes the need to create a team of specialists with common ideas on work organization and to divide the authorities and responsibilities among the different management levels. He is able to single out promising new trends in the areas of production and management and to predict their future importance. He commands complete knowledge of all issues of the Factory's operation, including very specific ones, he knows how to bring any project to its ultimate goals, even when it is being postponed for objective reasons. He does not like to resort to administrative discipline measures, preferring to use persuasion whenever possible.
   B.V. Semendyayev is actively involved in welding projects outside the Factory. He is a member of Russia's Welding Society Council, he has participated in several congresses of the Iternational Welding Institute. A member of the "Welding Production" magazine's editorial staff.
   He pays enormous attention to issues of quality, both at the Factory and outside it. He represents the Factory at the international "Sov Ask" quality association as its collective member. He is a member of the "21st Century" director's and manager's club, has taken part in a number of international conferences and seminars and made reports on the topic of quality.
   B.V. Semendyayev is a kind man, sensitive to the needs of factory workers and their families, who are often aided in their everyday life circumstances by his efforts, and, likewise, to the needs of St. Petersburg's and Russia's general public. By General Director Semendyayev's initiative, the Factory has for several years provided donations to organizations affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church, including the Optina Pustyn' monastery and the Golden Pelican handicapped children's fund.
   In his few leisure hours, he prefers to read history books. During the months of summer and fall, he enjoys walks in the forrest and mushroom-picking.
   Married, has a son, a daughter and a grandson.

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