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   Sanne is the head of SANNE Enlightenment Centre public organization.
   Sanne is the cosmic name of a human being who has realized his belonging to the Cosmos as a whole and accomplished integrity in the form of two persons: a man and a woman. Aleksander Nikolayevich Ostanin was born June 2, 1960 in the Perm district, received higher education in St. Petersburg, served in the military, and afterwards was involved in fundamental chemical research, while expanding his knowledge in the areas of philosophy, psychology and other sciences of human nature. In 1991 he studies parapsychology in a St. Petersburg school, later becomes its Director and then founds his own school. He soon meets Olga (she was born January 31, 1948 in Leningrad, travelled extensively throughout the country, and after she has developed health problems, decided to return to the native city in order to relieve them). They have been together in several lives, and recognized each other. She became a student at his school. Later they decided to form a research group, aiming at the creation of a new system of knowledge about human nature, composed of energies and information. Aleksander and OLga have achieved integral vision (the vision of energies). He actively lectured and she assisted him. Gradually they came to a realization that the two of them are parts of a cosmic whole and in 1994 decided never to part again. In 1997 they officially became husband and wife.
   They have aided many men and women to achieve peace, health and internal harmony through individual consultations. In 1996 they have published an album called "Man's Internal World. Harmony of Shape and Colour" and their first book, "Revelation", an introduction to the new science. They have later created the Energy Napkin for purification of food, recorded meditation audio tapes. In 1998 they have printed the book "How to Find Your Half". Today they direct the activities of the Centre, lecture in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Taganrog and Vilnius. Several times a year free educational lectures are held in St. Petersburg. Their system of voluntary certification of bioenergetic safety, called "Biostandard", has been officially registered by the State Standard in 1998. The Centre has been accredited as bioenergetics research lab. Sanne and Olga also continue their research work. They actively speak against magic and all forms of violence in the spiritual domain. They believe that human Consciousness and Fate can be worked with and in order to do this, one must have knowledge. Sanne and Olga wish all of you joy, health and happiness.
   To learn more about SANNE Enlightenment Centre, call (812) 164-35-68.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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